The Prez sniggers at America

While everyone wrings their hands and says the sky is falling, the Prez is having a scornful laugh at America.

The Prez isn’t trying to gerrymander the mail-in ballot process. He’s paying back a political donor for his campaign donations.

It’s classic Trump.

a) Destroy what’s working that he cannot control. (The USPS is independent of the President’s cabinet.)

b) Re-structure the deal to favor his political donors.

This Prez loves to divert government money to his political donors. He’s really good at it. Someone should tell Congress to follow the money for a RICOH violation.

Louid DeJoy:

“DeJoy’s appointment was controversial because of his political bias[17][18], as well as because of his financial position. While he divested some investments before taking on his role (shares in UPS and Amazon), he did not divest his $30-$75 million equity stake in XPO, a subcontractor for USPS. Additionally, when he sold his Amazon shares, he purchased stock options in the company that represent between 20-100% of his prior holdings.[19][20]. Finally, DeJoy is the first postmaster in two decades without prior experience in the United States Postal Service.[21]

Upon assuming office as Postmaster General, DeJoy began taking measures, such as banning overtime and extra trips to deliver mail, to reduce costs. Critics said these measures would result in slowing of the mail service.[22][23][24] Congressional Democrats called for the measures to be rolled back.[25] More than 600 high-speed mail sorting machines were dismantled and removed from postal facilities without explanation,[26] raising concerns that mailed ballots for the November 3 election might not reach election offices on time.[27] Mail collection boxes were removed from the streets in many cities; after photos of boxes being removed were spread on social media, a postal service spokesman said they were being moved to higher traffic areas but that the removals would stop until after the election.[28]

On August 7, 2020, DeJoy announced he had reassigned or displaced 23 senior USPS officials, including the two top executives overseeing day-to-day operations.[29][25] DeJoy said he was trying to breathe new life into a “broken business model.”[30] Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, who chairs the House committee that oversees the post office, said the reorganization was “deliberate sabotage”.[25]

In a letter to postal workers on August 13, 2020, DeJoy confirmed reports of delays in mail delivery, and called the delays “unintended consequences” of changes that eventually would improve service.[31] At the same time that DeJoy was taking measures that postal workers and union officials said were slowing down mail delivery, President Trump told a TV interviewer that he was blocking funds for the postal service in order to hinder mail-in voting.[32]

How many times do we have to tell people that government is not a business and it is not supposed to have a business model? Apparently not enough. Government is a service bought and paid for with taxes. It does not now have and never will have a profit component to it.

In fact, the struggle will always be to ensure that government is effective first and efficient second.

Sometimes I think Peter Drucker’s book “Managing the Non-Profit Organization” should be required reading in every Executive Branch of every city, state, and federal government.

Oh, I know political appointees are more interested in milking the government’s teats than in serving the public’s needs and interests. I’m not naive. And yet, I hope that, if shown the way, some portion of political appointees will do the right thing if they only knew what the right thing was.

So Louis DeJoy will now divert government money to his logistics company in order to “assist” in the mailing of ballots. Money that pays back the Louis DeJoys donations and earns him more money to donate in the future to the Republican Party.

The best democracy money can buy. Embrace it.

A purge of generals….2012

Here is what I don’t understand among many other things:

1. General Petraeus is being tarred and feathered and tainted so that he can never run as a Republican presidential candidate. To be president, I hear, was an ambition of his. One can see why Democrats might want to prevent this popular general from having an advantage over their own candidate. So who is doing this?

2.  General Allen is also besmirched but not for having an affair. He is besmirched for crafting emails to a woman who is a friend of General Petraeus. Why is this happening in such a public way?

3. General William Ward was just reduced in rank and then allowed to retire because  he (get this) spent government money on his wife. Imagine that. His wife! One would think that generals who take care of their wives with a few perks like military chauffeurs and stop overs in the Caribbean would be appreciated and not excoriated.

4. How can Jill Kelley be so socially liaison-ed that two generals and an FBI man are lured into emailing her and/or  sending photos? Who else is sending her salacious messages and pictures from our government?

5. How does Jill Kelley write a few lines to a suitor in the FBI that creates an investigation of multiple generals and FBI men? Don’t we have laws and lawful people in government who prevent the misuse of government powers any more? And don’t we have people who prevent scandal instead of creating it?

6. And finally, why is this misdirection occurring when there is so much more to learn about Benghazi and the killing of our ambassador? And why is the news media ignoring this story completely? Even Greenwald ignores it.

Something is wrong in America. Again.