Fair and Reasonable-Citizen Re-Districting

Both mainstream political parties engage in gerrymandering for their benefit. The Reasonable Citizen Party opposes gerrymandering because it slices and dices voting blocks to prevent communities from exercising their political free will.

The Reasonable Citizen Party supports fair and reasonable redistricting through a combination of efforts. Among those efforts are:

Independent Redistricting Commissions: Establish independent and nonpartisan bodies responsible for drawing district boundaries. These commissions would ideally include representatives from diverse backgrounds and ensure transparency, fairness, and the use of objective criteria in the redistricting process.

Clear and Objective Criteria: Implement clear guidelines and criteria for redistricting that prioritize factors such as compactness, contiguity, respect for communities of interest, and respect for existing political subdivisions (such as city or county lines). These criteria can help prevent the intentional manipulation of district boundaries for partisan advantage.

Technology and Data Transparency: Utilize advanced technology and publicly available data to increase transparency in the redistricting process. Online platforms can allow citizens to propose maps, offer feedback, and participate in the redistricting discussion, promoting greater public engagement and accountability.

Legal Reform: Pursue legal reform to establish clearer standards and guidelines for assessing the constitutionality of district maps. This could include setting limits on the extent of partisan advantage or prohibiting certain types of gerrymandering practices.

National Standards: Implement national standards for redistricting to ensure consistency and fairness across all states. This would prevent wide variations in redistricting practices and minimize the potential for partisan manipulation.

Education and Public Awareness: Increase public awareness about gerrymandering, its impact on democracy, and the importance of fair representation. Education campaigns can help mobilize public support for reforms and hold elected officials accountable.

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