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President Trump undercutting Social Security and Medicare is perhaps the new low point for pandemic politics. Over the weekend Trump announced executive actions that range from inadequate to unethical to unconstitutional. He did not cut payroll taxes, he delayed them. So Americans will either have to pay more later, or – if they’re later waived by Congress entirely – it means that money is forever lost to Social Security and Medicare. And Trump did not “add” a $400 weekly unemployment benefit; he added a requirement that states must first put up 25% or there is no boost. States don’t have the billions of dollars necessary; they are already facing substantial coronavirus costs that will impact police, fire, education, and public health services.

Sen. Ron Johnson is doing Russia’s bidding, again. This morning the chair of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee put out an 11-page attempt to defend the reasons for today’s subpoena related to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Is his committee investigating Russia, as Robert Mueller did? No. He and other Republicans are trying to reveal which good Americans sounded the alarm on communication between Russian agents and the 2016 Trump campaign. Johnson is doing exactly what Trump did that got him impeached —using government power to smear a fellow American for partisan political reasons. 

The Second Roman Empire is Dying

As the President tweets, the Second Roman Empire is dying. News at 11.

How bad is it? Health and Human Services is setting up a separate Pandemic Tracking System to control the data being given to the public about COVID-19.

Unable to force their will upon the independent-acting CDC and its international relationships, the Trump Administration seeks to cut the CDC out of everything. First he cut the ties to WHO and now he seeks to control the data related to COVID-19. Ineptly.

He repeatedly said it was hoax. Now he wants to control the distribution of information about the spread of the disease. This is a tinpot dictator move and we should be afraid. Very afraid.

The Russians have penetrated the US political system and thrown it into chaos. Is Putin getting even for the break-up of the Soviet system induced by President Reagan? Perhaps like the book 1984 sort of prophesied, Russia and Asia have combined to take down the US?

Mask Enforcement in Dane County: Do your job, dag nab it!

Enforcement of This Policy

Our Role

We have established a complaint team that will evaluate the complaints and determine the best way to provide education to individuals and businesses that are noncompliant with the face covering section of the Order. The goal of this team is to insure that face coverings are worn when required by providing education first before looking towards enforcement. When necessary, enforcement will generally focus on businesses or individuals that despite attempts to educate continue to violate the Order, such as businesses who do not require customers and/or staff to wear masks at large indoor events or gatherings. If a citation is issued within the City of Madison the ticket amount would be $376, if it is issued outside of the City under the County ordinance the ticket amount is $263.50.

Your Role as an Individual

You should not ask someone why they aren’t wearing a mask. It is not your job to intervene if someone isn’t wearing a mask. Some people have conditions or circumstances that would make wearing a cloth face covering difficult or dangerous. Your job is to wear your mask and stay six feet away from others. See this section for more information.

Dane County Mask Order

Madison, Wisconsin- Dane County has issued an order for people to wear masks. Here’s what it says:

Face Coverings:

i. Every individual, age five (5) and older,in Dane County must wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth when:

1.In any enclosed building where other people, except for members of the person’s own household or living unit, could be present.

2.In line to enter any indoor space.

3.Driving or riding on public transportation or in a paratransit vehicle, a taxi, a private car service vehicle, a ride-sharing vehicle, or any other for hire vehicle.

ii.Individuals may remove their face coverings under the following circumstances:

1.While they are eating or drinking.

2.When communicating with an individual who is deaf or hard of hearing and communication cannot be achieved through other means.

3.While obtaining a service that requires the temporary removal of the face covering.

4.When necessary to confirm the individual’s identity.

5.When federal or state law prohibits wearing a face covering.

A View of Systemic Racism From Within

A woman read my posts on Systemic Racism and watched the video a reader recommended. ( She was moved to share her thoughts about systemic racism in the United States. She is white and she is married to a black man for more than 40 years. I asked if I could post her opinion on my blog. She agreed provided I keep her anonymous.

Here is what she wrote to me:

“I watched the video several times.

“It’s not privilege to grow up with married parents — it should be considered the status quo. Children who have this (and the family and economic stability most likely to flow from it) aren’t “privileged”! That is twisted thinking that isn’t going to solve any problems. Nor is the answer to make people who had a good upbringing feel guilty for that.

“Rather, children who do NOT grow up this way are “disadvantaged.” Let’s call them what they are, in the interest of improving things.

“The facilitator pointed out that the life situations he called out were not things the young people had any control over in their life. I agree with that for the most part (taking issue with the “never had to worry about your cellphone being shut off,” because there are several possible causes for that, personal irresponsibility being a big one).

“So the students’ starting positions for the race (whether good or bad) were not due to any actions or decisions they had made in life. However — those positions WERE, 100%, set by the actions and life decisions of these students’ parents. And, further, whatever starting point these young people’s own children will take in life, will be 100% determined by THEM — THEIR actions, THEIR life decisions. This cannot be hammered home enough in a discussion of how to end serial generational disadvantage.

“Whatever life advantages the black youth in the video were missing, they were not missing because white people took them away! Why is America, and the media, bent on making a false racial narrative out of a socioeconomic discrepancy? No one is racially “oppressing” black youth in 2020, except their own parents!

“Why are comparatively more black children growing up disadvantaged? There is a simple answer to that, but it’s not “systemic racism,” and it’s not “oppression by white people.” It’s something blacks themselves have complete control over. They can choose to ignore it, to speak out against it, to change it for the better, or to shrug and let it continue on — disadvantaged generation after disadvantaged generation.

“Look no farther than the lack of strong black families, and especially the black out-of-wedlock birthrate. Since the civil rights era of the 1960s, it has risen steadily, from 25% then, to a staggering present-day 70% or more, greatly impeding blacks’ progress. More than two out of three black children in the U.S. — substantially more than any other race — begin life in a family situation that we know to be less-than-optimal.

“From birth, their disadvantages quickly multiply, as children born out of wedlock are more at risk for every bad thing that can happen to children:

▪︎More likely to have developmental delays, particularly with language

▪︎More likely to go hungry

▪︎More likely to become homeless

▪︎More likely to do poorly in school

▪︎More likely to move frequently, as their mother drifts in and out of relationships with various men.

▪︎More likely to be abused by their overwhelmed mother or by her boyfriends.

▪︎More likely to abuse drugs

▪︎More likely to drop out of school (Black males, in particular, have an abysmal 59 percent high school graduation rate.)

▪︎More likely to commit crimes

▪︎More likely to grow up in neighborhoods with few positive role models, and many negative ones; and

▪︎More likely to become pregnant or to impregnate, out of wedlock themselves, thus passing along the disadvantage to the next generation.

“Systemic racism? No. Systemic irresponsible reproduction. Systemic irresponsible parenthood.

“No social programs, no amount of government aid, can substitute for growing up in a stable home situation with responsible parents. White people CANNOT solve the black race’s problem here.

“Let’s try a couple of generations of black young people staying in school and out of crime, delaying parenthood until they have completed at least a high school education and are employed and financially stable and have found a loving spouse to commit to a lifetime of raising children with. Let the NAACP, the Urban League, Black Lives Matter, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al. advocate for these positive life choices for black youth, and devote some of their considerable resources and credibility to advancing them.

“After two generations, I submit that the term “systemic racism” would remarkably vanish from the American vocabulary.

“Anyone who thinks this is expecting too much of young blacks — that they aren’t capable of meeting the above standards — might need to look in a mirror to find the racist.”


Life Through Black-Colored Glasses

It has become an industry to look at life through black-colored glasses.

The raw materials are black-vs-white incidents, black-vs-white disparities, black-vs-white voting blocks, black-vs-white law enforcement, and black-vs-white outcomes.

The products of this industry are race divisiveness, white-race guilt, and black-race victimization.

The profits are banked by industry manufacturers. Their accounts grow every year: more money, more political power, more adherents to their cause, and more stature as a legitimate cause, competing with other reasonable causes.

In the history of the world, no nation has ever expended so much money, so much time, passed so many laws and spent so much effort to improve the lives of a single race of people as has the United States of America. God Bless America and the people’s thirst for justice that has produced such an effort. America should be admired. Native Americans, Native Alaskans, and Native Hawaiians never received this level of political and economic support from the US government as much as the black race in America.

It’s an industry that keeps America looking through black-colored glasses and they will tell you there is more to be done.

The NAACP has spent 100 plus years advancing the cause of the black race in America. They have achieved incredible results.

The passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 linked the Democrat Party to liberalism and the causes opposing discrimination for the past 50 years.

Which leads to the question: “If, after all this time, effort, and expense, why hasn’t the hue and cry about racism been destroyed in America?” Indeed, the political, economic, and educational systems that embraced and fostered racism have been destroyed.

The answer is likely because the black-colored-glasses industry finds new racial products to manufacture and promote. And like many other kinds of products in the market place, it is the same product with new advertising and a new “look”.

I don’t foresee the industry going away any time soon. There is a new generation of Americans to be bound to its cause through the promotion of what is called “disparities”. It is not enough to have equal opportunity; there must now be equal outcomes between blacks and whites.

At some point in time, the industry that spawns divisiveness, white-race guilt, and black-race victimization will run out of buyers for its products. Like buggy whips, 8-track cartridges, pay telephones, and shag carpeting, this industry will fall by the wayside.

I hope that time comes soon. I’m sick of it now.

Equal Opportunity vs Equal Outcome

Now that the races, the sexes, the genders, the aged, and the religious have equal opportunity in America. We are being told that equal opportunity is simply not enough. We must have equal outcome.

Regardless of your DNA, your parental upbringing, your geography, your DISC assessment, your whatever, it is racism if you do not have an equal outcome in life as other people. You should be compensated in some way for the “disparity” in your life versus the life you perceive others have.

Maybe we should call it Outcome Envy. Outcome Envy is the “need” you have to be like all the others not of your kind. You already know your kind, of course, but this is about you being equal to those who are not like you.

( Speaking of “needs”, does it bother you that nobody asks respectfully for anything? Instead of “May I have a light?” It’s “I need a light.” Instead of “Could you please do this for me?”, it is now ” I need you to do this for me.” I hate that.)

Equal outcome. Why in the world should people with more talent than others have more success? Why should people with more ability have more benefits?

We are all the same aren’t we?

Now, really, doesn’t that phrase conflict with “you are unique”? Or “you are special”? Of course it does.

The socialists in the world still wish to dominate who you are inside. The real you, the eternal you, the you with a soul. They try to convince you that you are not unique and do not have special talents. If everyone is the same, then you should have what everyone else has.

Equal opportunity means you are not burdened by laws and access to fulfill your dreams. You can make your life a success with the natural elements around you. Equal Opportunity is the opportunity to compete ; it is not a guarantee of success.

Equal outcome is like a Participation Award. Regardless of your effort, your DNA, or your abilities, you fit some generic idea of a human being who lived and you should be awarded a prize for being alive. Equal outcome is a horse race in which every horse wins regardless of which is first, second, or last. Like an adoring mother and father, the STATE will reward you with kisses and love for participating. It is the way parents treat children and it is demeaning to treat an adult that way. At least, it ought to be.

Trump accuses Scarborough of murder and nobody in power cares enough to call him out.


“And Lu argued that the most pressing issue was how existing rules, drawn up by the companies themselves to govern content, are applied.

He alluded not just to Trump’s tweets about Minneapolis and about voting by mail but also Trump’s untrue insinuation that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had been involved in the death of a staffer back in 2001, when Scarborough was a Republican congressman. 

The woman, 28-year-old Lori Klausutis, died as the result of an undiagnosed heart condition on a day when Scarborough was hundreds of miles away. Klausutis’s widower has appealed to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to delete Trump’s tweets on the matter, but that has not happened.

“Twitter has the right to police things or not police things, but there seems to be an inconsistency,” Lu said. “If you or I had gone on there and charged someone with murder or incited violence, we would have got kicked off Twitter a long time ago.”

StayAtHome: Emails with Wisconsin Rep

Four weeks ago I sent my State Representative and my State Senator an email protesting the extension of the Wisconsin StayatHome Order. My State Representative is a good man whom I’ve met several times and he replied promptly. I haven’t yet heard from my State Senator.

The next few postings are about the content of those emails.

Email #1:

With respect, Representative XXXXX
Why is Wisconsin shuttering ALL of its citizens for another month?
One size does not fit all. What is good for Milwaukee County (with a population density of 3,800 people per square mile) does not work for Barron County (with a population density of 52 people per square mile).
If you live in Barron County, you are already shuttered in place.
Can we get a break, please?  After four months of an invasive pathogen, our county has had 6 cases of confirmed COVID-19. Zero deaths. We have already flattened the curve by living here.
Look, we have to learn how to live with this disease. It will be around for three more years minimum. Here’s what should be talked about:
a) Counties with less than 100 people per square mile and a low infection and death rate should have a much more open lifestyle. The more people per square mile, the more restrictions should be in place.
b) every building the public enters should have a sanitation station and signage that says all who enter must sanitize. Same as when they leave.
c) every building the public enters should have a posted “public area sanitation plan” for people entering to decide if that plan is sufficient for their safety.
d) Face masks should be required by anyone, everyone, within 50 feet of a building that the public enters. If you are in the woods or parks or outdoors jogging, no face masks are required if you are with family members. If you are in the same places with strangers, then face masks are required.
e) If a person wears a mask and gloves, no social distancing requirements are required but they are encouraged.
f)  Protect all nursing homes and places where healthcare workers are present. Everyone wears PPE ( gloves, masks, disposable garbs), a sanitation plan is posted, a screening process is utilized for those who wish to enter.
g) Workplaces: sanitation plans are required. Masks and gloves and sanitizing stations available for employees and may be required PPE by management.
h) Counties with more than 500 people per square mile and a high infection rate should have shuttered-in policies for non-work hours. Counties with more than a thousand people per square mile should have 24-hour shuttered-in policies.
i) Meetings and gatherings of non-family and non-colleagues: Sanitization stations, sanitization plans, masks, gloves, and in some cases garb.
j) Neighbors and children playtime: Give some guidance on this, please. Sticky kids (snotty, dripping, drooling, leaking) cannot play outside. All kids come in and change clothes and wash up before roaming the house. Home sanitization plans make a lot of sense. Why not develop them?
The issue isn’t to prevent any possible case of spreading the virus, the issue is to reduce the likelihood of spreading the disease while living a normal lifestyle.
Tell the rest of the legislature to start treating people like adults. Give us the plan, give us alternatives, and get the heck out of the way so we can live our lives in peace and freedom.
Protect the elderly and the immune-compromised. Why is that so hard to do?
Let’s get people back to a somewhat normal lifestyle. You and your legislative friends can move mountains, can you also make some plans to live with this disease until there is a cure and a vaccine?