Is FB boring now that Trump is gone?

My FB is as dull as it comes now that Trump isn’t around and the news media supports Joe Biden.

Event the right-wing website chatter has lost its luster. Who is filling the Trump-Limbaugh gap on diatribes about non-WASPs?

But this gives us time to speculate on what Trump’s new media megaphone is going to be like.

It will definitely have the ability to connect MAGA supporters together in a room.

It will definitely have the ability to mobilize Trumplicans into offensive maneuvers against suspected liberals.

It will definitely project multiple Mao-like messages to Trump adherents.

It may even come with discounts to stores and events if a person signs up for the App.

Did I miss anything?

Negative Population Growth

The Washington Times Weekly Edition has an advert for NPG and it caught my attention because its message was to prevent immigration because the US is “already vastly overpopulated”. The US pop density is actually about 94 people per square mile. It is 53 people per square mile in my rural county.

Imagine how the NPG feels about NYC at ~26,500 people per square mile.

The goal of NPG is to shrink the population of America over several generations to a “smaller, truly sustainable size.”

They wish to reduce legal immigration, enforce all immigration laws to end illegal immigration, and encourage smaller family sizes.

What say ye?

Want to know more?

A Republican America

If one reads political news, a Republican America has the following attributes:

a) Only people with the ability to make money or who have inherited money have value in society.

b) People with no money must live as honorable poor and be supported by family and friends or by charitable organizations. They should know their place in society and except same.

c) The vast majority of people should earn their income working for other people (the better-offs) or live a self-sufficient life.

d) The government exists to protect businesses and to support the making of money.

e) The larger the business, the more influence it should have in governmental affairs. Greater economic success equals greater access to national policy.

f) Taxes are the taking of wealth from those who have it. If taxes are taken for reasons other than protecting businesses, protecting private property, and defending the country, those taxes are unnecessary. Sometimes it is okay to tax the poor to pay for poor-people programs.

g) Live by the words “For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good;but Me you do not have always.” This means that charity and the provisioning of food , shelter, and clothing for the poor are personal matters and not governmental affairs. People should pay more attention to Jesus and his teachings than to the care of other people.

h) People should pay for food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare in accordance with their ability to make money. If they are unable to make money, that is not a government concern.

i) It is not the government’s concern to create a just society or a healthy society or a safe society , government should concern itself solely with punishment of those who violate the Ten Commandments that support businesses and economic activity.

j) Those who can care for themselves should be accorded more rights and freedoms than those who cannot. Like voting, police protection, and courtroom justice.

Untethered… Sen. Ron Johnson

The once-good US Senator Ron Johnson has lost his tether to Mother Earth and is floating on the winds of conspiracy and fear of black-people.

So far in 2021, Sen Johnson believes the election was stolen, that ALL the rabble rousers on Jan 6th were government-loving patriots, and that BLM protesters are something to be feared.

Does this Senator read the news or look at the internet? I don’t think so.

Now he says he was never afraid of the Capitol Hill invaders because they were all patriots but if they had been BLM protesting police brutality, well by God, he would have been afraid of them.

Something is in the Congressional water that is making every Democrat and every Republican become rabid extremists. The only people safe from delusional thinking are those drinking bottled water.

This should be investigated. Someone is dumping pyshoactive chemicals into the potable water on Capitol Hill. It’s the only explanation.

I guess I have two conspiracies now.

Will former Prez Trump be arrested?

The FBI is still investigating the events of January 6th and the question is whether there will be enough evidence to arrest him for having foreknowledge of the planned incursion into Capitol Hill.


The meeting with rally organizers and other key Republican leaders was 3.5 hours long. Who was there? What did they discuss? What plans were made?

Qualified Police Immunity

“A policeman’s lot is not so unhappy that he must choose between being charged with dereliction of duty if he does not arrest when he has probable cause and being mulcted in damages if he does,” eight of nine Supreme Court justices wrote in their 1967 decision.


: to punish by a fine 2a : to defraud especially of money : swindle b : to obtain by fraud, duress, or theft

In any case, what do you know about qualified police immunity? Inquiring minds want to know.

March 4th Trump Returns to Power!

QAnon has definitively set the date of March 4th in which former President Trump returns to the White House.

Apparently some people can just make things up and other people believe them.

Flat Earth, UFOs, stolen federal elections, aliens from different dimensions,

etc. etc. etc.

I think the Russians intelligence services have the right term to describe people like this: Useful Idiots

Can you trust the data?

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.


Can you trust ANY of the national data numbers on COVID?

Florida fires the woman who reports that the Governor wants her to change the numbers.

Cuomo is accused of not reporting the nursing home infections and death rates in NYC. “The state’s public death toll for nursing homes does not include residents who died from the coronavirus after having been transferred to hospitals, only deaths that occurred at facilities. Attorney General Letitia James’ report examined 62 nursing homes — about 10 percent of the state’s total — and found that New York’s approach left a large number of hospital deaths out of the state’s official nursing home death toll.”

Plus this about vaccines….

The vaccine data system for which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded Deloitte a no-bid contract in November is “plagued by problems and abandoned by most states,” according to the MIT Technology Review. “A lack of flexibility has become a block for many clinics trying to use the CDC system. This has led to confusion, and difficulty in keeping patients properly informed,” said the report. Also, “the explanation for how Deloitte could be the only approved source for a product like [the Vaccine Administration Management System,] despite having no direct experience in the field, comes down to onerous federal contracting requirements, [Hana Schank, director of strategy for public-interest technology at the think tank New America,] says.

Plus this!

“Behind the (data) crisis lies a difficult reality: Covid-19 data in the US—in fact, almost all public health data—is chaotic: not one pipe, but a tangle. If the nation had a single, seamless system for collecting, storing, and analyzing health data, HHS and the Coronavirus Task Force would have had a much harder time prying the CDC’s Covid-19 data loose. Not having a comprehensive system made the HHS move possible, and however well or badly the department handles the data it will now receive, the lack of a comprehensive data system is harming the US coronavirus response.”

What is truth when the politicians and the ignorant corrupt the process?



And yet I feel unsettled that 43 Republican Senators voted to acquit.

I’ve listened to McConnell’s speech three times and there is much to admire in it but the reason for voting to acquit still rings a little hollow.

It’s the analysis of this statement that causes me heartache:

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

McConnell says that the phrase “shall be removed from Office for, and Conviction of, …” In an odd twist, McConnell says that because the phrase is there and the former President is not in office at the time of conviction, the Senate cannot remove him from office, ergo, he cannot be found guilty of the Articles of Impeachment. This is convoluted thinking in my view. It kind of says that because the impeachment cannot be carried out, the former President cannot be found guilty. Whereas, I look at it and say whether or not the sentence can be carried out is not a reason to find a President not guilty of the charges.

Obviously, the section was intended to prevent a situation where the President is convicted of a crime and put in shackles and no one wants a prison President wielding power, making laws, and recieving a salary while in prison.I get that.

But isn’t the trial separate from the sentence?