ReasonableCitizen on Abortion

Wikipedia has a wealth of information about abortion and the perspectives of Americans regarding abortions. Give it a read if you still have an open mind. Or not as the case might be.

I’m not about to argue whether a woman controls her body, or whether her husband can control it, or whether the father of the unborn should control it, or whether the parents of a minor child can assert their will over their child’s pregnancy.

And I’m not about to argue whether this has a moral component, or a state’s right component or a federal component.

And I’m not about to argue when is a fetus viable or not.

And I’m not about to argue whether the mother, the father, or the abortion provider should go to jail.

I am just going to ask one question: Why is it any of your business?

Please comment below. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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2 thoughts on “ReasonableCitizen on Abortion”

  1. Do you mean: why is it your business if someone else gets an abortion? Or why is it your business if abortion is legal/illegal/restricted?

    The answer to the first question depends on whether you believe the fetus/baby is already a person. If you believe it is, then the analogy of a neighbor murdering their teenage kid applies—would you turn a blind eye to that? If you don’t believe the fetus/baby is a person, then it’s nobody’s business but the two people who made it.

    And the answer to the second question is that human rights are all our business.

    1. Where I was headed is that people who wish to control another person’s body and make those decisions for them under guise of law should really think twice. The complexity of each decision doesn’t lend itself to law. However, if laws are required, let the law be more tilted toward the woman than her husband or the father of her baby, more tilted towards her than her parents if she is a minor, more tilted towards affirming life, than a forced gestation, and definitely more supportive of live birth and subsequent parenting. But in the end, the decision is between the mother and her doctor whether others agree or not.

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