Managing Political Party Conflict

The Reasonable Citizen Party recognizes political conflict is business as usual in Congress. To rise above the name-calling, smearing, sneering, and fleering that is common among Democrats and Republicans, the Reasonable Citizen Party and its candidates pledge to engage in vigorous conflict in the following ways:

Open Dialogue: The Reasonable Citizen Party encourages open and meaningful dialogue with other parties to foster understanding, find common ground, and explore areas of potential cooperation. Constructive conversations can help bridge differences and work towards shared goals.

Focus on Issues: Reasonable Citizens will prioritize discussions based on policies and ideas rather than personal attacks or divisive rhetoric. We will maintain a focus on the well-being of the people and the broader interests of society, seeking to address substantive issues rather than engaging in partisan bickering.

Collaboration and Compromise: Make no mistake, the Reasonable Citizen Party is willing to engage in constructive collaboration and find common solutions through compromise. We recognize that no single party has a monopoly on good ideas and that effective governance often requires finding a middle ground to advance the interests of citizens.

Respectful Engagement: The Reasonable Citizen Party will promote a culture of respect and professionalism when engaging with other parties, even when there are disagreements. Our candidates will avoid personal attacks, misinformation, and derogatory language that can escalate tensions and hinder productive discourse.

Emphasize Shared Values: Where possible and viable, Reasonable Citizens identify shared values or common objectives with other parties and work towards building coalitions or alliances around these areas. It is vital to recognize that multiple parties may have similar goals, even if they propose different strategies or approaches.

Focus on the Greater Good: The Party will keep the well-being and interests of citizens at the forefront. Candidates of the Reasonable Citizen Party will demonstrate a commitment to serving the public and advancing policies that are evidence-based, fair, and beneficial for society as a whole. It also serves the Party to vehemently object to legislation that serves special interest groups and lobbyists more than the public at large.

Constructive Opposition: When in opposition, candidates of the Reasonable Citizen Party shall offer robust and substantive critiques of opposing policies while presenting alternative solutions. The Party shall engage in principled debates that promote accountability, transparency, and the improvement of policies.

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