The Coming(?) War in America

It is evident that the two political parties are at war with each other and both are executing scorched earth politics.

The Republicans accept Marjorie Taylor Greene into their Congressional caucus and she has said she wants to kill Nancy Pelosi. What kind of irresponsible behavior is that from Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Speaker of the House, who wants that kind of person in his Party? She is a nut job and McCarthy thinks she represents average American values?

And what the He77 is he thinking when HE TRAVELS to Florida to suck up to former Presdent Donald Trump?

And NOW, Trump is invited to a secret retreat of Republican donors to lay out his plan to change the election laws in the United States before the mid-term election process. ALREADY Arizona Republicans have submitted legislation that allows its state Legislature to over rule the election results

You can see that when you add this law it allows any political party to throw out the election results of its citizens and substitutes the political party make-up of its state legislature.

You should expect crazy legislation from Republicans that allow them to toss out election results or limit which ballots they will count. This is how Republicans cheat in the election. They prevent ballots from being counted and they gerrymander the districts.

Is gerrymandering successful? Yes, you only have to look at the election results of 2020 to see that while President Trump lost the vote, the Republicans picked up more seats in Congress. You can thank gerrymandering for those results.

Hang on to your tickets, my friends. You might be watching the rise of a fascist political party in the US who control the election results across the country for decades to come.