Spending and Taxes

Q1. What is your position on spending and taxes?

Answer: I support a National Strategic Plan that sets the tax and spending policies of the United States. I support  creating a National Treasury instead of national debt.

I support a simple federal tax code in three areas: Income taxes, Transaction taxes,  and Use taxes.

I support a two-tiered income tax plan in which the top third of income earners contribute three times the amount in taxes as the bottom two-thirds of income earners. This applies to people as well as companies. All people and companies  with an income should pay income taxes.

I support a  federal tax on goods moved across state lines on federal highways for commercial purposes and no federal tax on any service provided across state lines. The federal tax is based upon the weight of the material shipped between and among states and not its commercial value.

I support user fees for the use of federal agencies engaged in supporting commercial enterprises at a level consistent with its federal cost less 20%.  From highways to census data to the use of federal programs, let commercial users pay 80% of the cost required to provide the benefits received. It’s time for taxpayers to stop 100% subsidizing federal agencies that support commercial activity.

In terms of spending, I support a six-year National Strategic Spending Plan that aligns with a National Strategic Revenue Plan. I support the establishment of a fourth branch of government concerned solely with revenue, expenditures, and the National Treasury. The fourth branch of government is to be led by an eight-member board of directors with 25% appointed by the presiding President and all to be confirmed or re-confirmed every four years by the Senate and accountable to the Senate. In the event the Senate does not re-confirm a board member or a vacancy occurs, the Senate chooses a replacement from candidates recommended by the House or the President.

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