Untethered… Sen. Ron Johnson

The once-good US Senator Ron Johnson has lost his tether to Mother Earth and is floating on the winds of conspiracy and fear of black-people.

So far in 2021, Sen Johnson believes the election was stolen, that ALL the rabble rousers on Jan 6th were government-loving patriots, and that BLM protesters are something to be feared.

Does this Senator read the news or look at the internet? I don’t think so.


Now he says he was never afraid of the Capitol Hill invaders because they were all patriots but if they had been BLM protesting police brutality, well by God, he would have been afraid of them.

Something is in the Congressional water that is making every Democrat and every Republican become rabid extremists. The only people safe from delusional thinking are those drinking bottled water.

This should be investigated. Someone is dumping pyshoactive chemicals into the potable water on Capitol Hill. It’s the only explanation.

I guess I have two conspiracies now.

Stop talking sex with women!…?…~o~

There’s no more touching, no more sexual flirting, no more physical expression, involving a single man who finds a single woman attractive. Not even once! Even”testing the waters” isn’t permitted. You know, when you touch a woman’s arm or back or hand on purpose to see if she accepts it or politely pulls away from you.

Although people are supposed “to be who you really are”, you, as a man, are not supposed to be the initiator of anything romantic. “Being who you really are” is more about being a pain in the ass or being sassy or opinionated or in your face or expressing your gender forcefully to people who offend you.

The only acceptable male-female communication permtted right now is eye-flirting with your mask on. At least, I think it is acceptable, considering how many women appear to have eye-flirted with me over the past year. Ok, maybe I’m reading it wrong. Maybe they were just smiling at me but I like to think they weren’t. At my age, I’ll happily accept an eyeflirt.

But here is Governor Cuomo. Single, good looking, money, power, and without a romantic partner. Shoud he join a dating service to find a partner? How would that look in the newspaper? Should he find a NY matchmaker to be his go-between? How about he hires escorts? (Ha! that got another NY governor in trouble, Elliott Spitzer, when it became public.)

Exactly how should a single political man look for companionship?

OMG, Cuomo asked a woman for a kiss…he asked…and now he is a pariah for expressing his peacock-iness in public venues? He isn’t chasing his secretary around a conference table or acting all “Jeffrey Toobin” or “Anthony Weiner”. He is polite, he is direct, and as near as I can tell, the man takes “no” for an answer. Absent a “no” answer, he tries again.

And this is sexual harassment in 2021. He tries again for a date or a hook-up. Sexual harassment?

Should he proffer a woman his social card to see if she wishes to have a date with him? Something Victorian or Edwardian in nature? Should he simply wait and then date any woman who asks him out to dinner?

I have three daughters in the work place and I want to protect them at all times from the Lotharios that run amuck in professional offices. And I am fairly certain men have made overtures “testing the waters” for a relationship. All three of ny daughters have situational awareness and they are confident in their own skin as well. I don’t expect they had a problem telling bad men where to go or what to do.

I want to be au courant and be offended by Gov Cuomo’s overtures to women but I just can’t. And to attack Gov. Cuomo for sexual harrassment seems over the top. But maybe there is more to this than I know. But until I know more, I lean to defending Gov. Cuomo.

Am I a Neanderthal or bad man for thinking Cuomo did nothing wrong?

Domestic enemy of the voter?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

(CNN)Georgia Republican lawmakers are pushing to clamp down on voting rights Monday, potentially passing a sweeping election bill that among other things would repeal no-excuse absentee voting. Under SB 241, voters would need to be 65 years old or older, absent from their precinct, observing a religious holiday, be required to provide constant care for someone with a physical disability, or required to work “for the protection of the health, life, or safety of the public during the entire time the polls are open,” or be an overseas or military voter to qualify for an absentee ballot. The bill aims to undo a 2005 Republican-backed law allowing no-excuse absentee voting.

The bill comes as Georgia has become ground zero for election law changes in the wake of the 2020 election. Republicans in the state, citing baseless allegations of voter fraud pushed by former President Donald Trump and other GOP officials, have moved to roll back access to mail-in voting and early voting.The legislation is expected to pass the GOP-led Senate on Monday in an hours-long session that will also include final debate and votes on at least 11 other pieces of election related bills. Once approved, the bill would go onto the Georgia House of Representatives, where the bill is expected to pass in the coming weeks. Around the country, Republican-controlled state legislatures are relying on election falsehoods to mount aggressive changes to voting rules. As of February 19, lawmakers in more than 40 states had introduced more than 250 bills that included voting restrictions, according to a tally by the liberal-leaning Brennan Center For Justice at New York University, which is tracking the bills.

Well, of course, the next step is for Democrats to pass legislation that prevents people from voting unless they pay a tax or take a test. Oh, wait, Republicans tried that already and lost in the Supreme Court a few decades ago. Maybe the Dems should say that no one can vote unless his/her speeding and parking tickets have been paid. That might work.

For sure, the Republican Party can’t have the very same people they oppress also be the same people who vote. (Eyeroll, please.)

Ha! Now we know WHY!!!!!

Last week the State of Oklahoma passed legislation that gave direction to review all federal executive orders and determine if they were constitutional.

“The Bill would allow the Oklahoma state legislature to review each executive order and determine if the order should be given to the Oklahoma attorney general, who would determine if it is allowed under the U.S. Constitution. If the attorney general deemed an executive order unconstitutional, the bill seems to indicate the attorney general could sue for a court order invalidating the executive order.

If the attorney general decides not to take action on an order, the legislature could conduct a majority vote declaring it unconstitutional.

If the legislature invokes its option to declare an executive order unconstitutional, the statute is unclear whether the Oklahoma government would file suit or the state would ignore the order inside the state, leaving it to the federal government to enforce or try to take it to court.

Apparently, the State of Oklahoma had advance notice that President Biden is about to sign an Executive Order that would allow federal agencies to work with any state’s election board to serve as a voter registration center.

The administration describes the executive order as an “initial step” to protect voting rights — one that uses “the authority the president has to leverage federal resources to help people register to vote and provide information,” according to an administration official.

As reported by others, Republican Party members in multiple states are seeking 250 laws across the nation to suppress the vote at some level. Taking cues from the Bible, it shall be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a poor person, a person who uses a PO box, a person without a driver license, or a predominantly black community or Indian nation to register to vote or to actually vote.

So now we know why the State of Oklahoma passed such an incredibly unique law. It one fell swoop the Attormey General could declare that this Executive Order to work with states on elections is unconsitutional… and then begin to ignore the federal government.

As we have seen in this recent election, the Republican Party wishes to have sole control over who is allowed to register and, utlimately, who can actually vote in all elections.

And the Democrat Party wants to allow everyone to vote, whether or not they are citizens.

May God save us from both!

Political Kool Aid and Pisa

There’s no “good news” in politics today.

Doesn’t matter where one looks, or reads, or listens, the social and news media can only comment on strife and division. They only see life through political eyeglasses.

And the “deliverables” from the American political process are tainted or adulterated or poisoned. Legislation is full of favors and gifts and each is poisonous to the US budget and deficit.

And as for politicians, poisonous accusations abound. There is haint with the taint. (The word haint was historically used in African-American vernacular to refer to a witch-like creature seeking to chase victims to their death by exhaustion.[4][5] The accusations are exhausting!)

There is poison in the political Kool Aid. How much will you drink when you are told to drink from the glass, shut your mouth, and look the other way?

Do you drink Red Kool Aid or Blue Kool Aid? Do you lean left or right?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans both ways depending upon where you stand. America leans in the same way. Depending upon where one stands, America is left-leaning or right-leaning. Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa built on soft land, America was built on the soft land of people rather than the hard land of history. The Constitution is a heavy monument to the best in humankind. Unfortunately, soft people have settled over the past two hundred and fifty years and the Constitution now leans.

People wonder why the Constitution has not already toppled. Two political parties intend to bend American government to fit their agenda. The tilt of the Constitution increases relative to the observers but in no way does it straighten itself.

To prevent the Constitution from toppling, engineers are needed to strengthen it . It can never be completely upright again but the lean (from both perspectives) must stop or it will topple.

Where are the engineers and who will let them be about the business of shoring up the Constitution to offset the settling of the people?

Wherever they are, don’t let them drink the Kool Aid.

Social Hypochondria

I admit I still have a vestige of social hypochondria. COVID, Trump, Red vs Blue, robots, budget deficits, police brutality, Children of the Corn (hehehe), zombie vaccinations, etc.

Slate Magazine: Social hypochondria: “As a society, we always seem to be obsessing about some problem like teen-age drinking or child abuse or immigration or cloning, convinced that it will destroy the country or the world unless it is eliminated. The hypochondria analogy isn’t perfect: These diseases tend to be real, not wholly imagined. But a) their perils are exaggerated—at least until they are put aside to make room for other perils; and b) the hope of ever curing them is also exaggerated.”

There is no cure. But how do we discourage decent people from believing all the social media things they encounter?

Truth helps but it is always a complicated truth and, frankly, not everyone is cut out to ferret truth from lies. There are experts out there who find a hot button issue and begin to infect society with an exaggerrated fear. How can a regular person decide if “global warming” deserves all the hyperbole written about it? Or police brutality? Or Aliens in the Arctic?

And yet, ignoring threats isn’t wise either.

Open to your thoughts…

Much ado about nothing… now

I’m done with all the hyperbole from social and news media about COVID.

I’ve been disappointed by the lack of adult response by politicians and public health officials for almost a year. My hope is that everyone just shuts up and lets the foolish be foolish and go on about your business to do what is right for you and your family.

If you don’t want to wear a mask in a crowded bar and insist on sucking in COVID virus from strangers, good for you. If you want to wear a mask while you jog in the country and the nearest person is 2 miles away, good for you. Just shut up about it.

The milk was spilt a year ago. Stop crying about the number of public deaths. The Anti-virus manufactures have done their part. The healthcare workers have done theirs, too. President Biden has done his part.

The solution is in hand.

Stop the dramatics.

The Armistice is inked. The War is over. Inform everyone and let the clean-up begin.

Will former Prez Trump be arrested?

The FBI is still investigating the events of January 6th and the question is whether there will be enough evidence to arrest him for having foreknowledge of the planned incursion into Capitol Hill.


The meeting with rally organizers and other key Republican leaders was 3.5 hours long. Who was there? What did they discuss? What plans were made?


Qualified Police Immunity

“A policeman’s lot is not so unhappy that he must choose between being charged with dereliction of duty if he does not arrest when he has probable cause and being mulcted in damages if he does,” eight of nine Supreme Court justices wrote in their 1967 decision.


: to punish by a fine 2a : to defraud especially of money : swindle b : to obtain by fraud, duress, or theft

In any case, what do you know about qualified police immunity? Inquiring minds want to know.

March 4th Trump Returns to Power!

QAnon has definitively set the date of March 4th in which former President Trump returns to the White House.


Apparently some people can just make things up and other people believe them.

Flat Earth, UFOs, stolen federal elections, aliens from different dimensions,

etc. etc. etc.

I think the Russians intelligence services have the right term to describe people like this: Useful Idiots