National Security Issues and Positions

Q1. Do you support the United States’ combat operations in Afghanistan?

Answer: Yes. I support operations that are currently underway plus I support a timetable for withdrawal.  What is missing from the conversation is a set of requirements for withdrawal. Some of those requirements should include a) the ability of citizens to go about their daily business in relative safety, b) the ability of its government to ensure a safe and stable supply of food, shelter, and healthcare to the general population, c) the availability of traditional and ethical government resources like police departments, judicial process, fire departments, and other governmental operations.

When it comes to democracy, the proper functioning of government ensures citizen and commercial safety. American troops should not leave until that is accomplished.

Q2. Do you support targeting suspected terrorists outside the official theaters of conflict?

Answer: I don’t like the choice of words here. I support killing killers  wherever they may be. I do not support killing people because of an alleged association with terrorism. I support a variety of military and police responses to prevent people who wish to harm the general population.

When it comes to determining who is a terrorist, I support cogent and coherent analysis that demonstrates that a person is a terrorist is because they plan, facilitate planning, and/or  execute a plan to spread terror to a citizen population.  A bomb thrower is a terrorist, a bomb maker is not. A bomb thrower who attacks military targets is not a terrorist. A bomb thrower who attacks civilian citizens is a terrorist.

Q3.  Should the US use military force in order to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons?

Answer: I support preventing Iran from obtaining  nuclear weapons by all means short of a military invasion, or short of the use of missiles, or short of aircraft or ship weaponry.  I would grant wide latitude in the use of saboteurs and covert missions to thwart Iran’s intentions to possess nuclear weapons.

I believe that Iran is an enemy of the United States and is engaged in cold warfare with us.  I further believe that Iran may be converted to a non-hostile nation but to accomplish it requires large changes in the country’s memes.

Q4. Do you support reductions in Defense spending?

Answer: Yes. I expect more from our military leaders than bigger guns, bigger fleets, bigger satellites, bigger aircraft, and a bigger geographic footprint.

I favor military power and subtlety in equal measures. I also favor the restoration of economic security in the US more than military might at this point in the economic curve. Save on defense spending, expand America’s economic pie, and then continue to secure world peace.

Q4. What are the looming threats to US security?

Answer: Chinese military expenditures, Chinese warships in the Caribbean, Soviet ships and aircraft patrolling the Arctic Circle, closure of world shipping lanes, cybersecurity within America, and EMP device development.

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