Uncouth Republican Party?

It appears President Trump has ushered in The Age of Uncouth Republicans. They are angry and rude. They also reside in lies and denial.

It’s not a difference in policy anymore. It’s a difference in how to treat other human beings.

The Republican Party (I’m not talking about conservatives) has become militant, malignant, and moronic. They talk about freedoms but they don’t want to deal with other people’s freedom. They talk about the unwashed hordes of democrat voters and how to prevent them from electing any of their kind. They talk about the Constitution but don’t abide by it.

America needs a new Party. I hope Liz Cheney creates one.

AZ CyberNinjas have LOST Election Data! Say it ain’t so!

After two months of investigation, the AZ CyberNinja Team reports that it cannot find the data on the D Drive of the election system:

“We have recently discovered that the entire ‘Database’ directory from the D drive of the machine ‘EMSPrimary’ has been deleted,” Fann wrote, claiming the missing directory is covered by the Senate’s subpoena, which allows the group to seize elections materials for the audit.

It was there when you gave it to Cyber Ninjas and now it is gone!

I wonder where it went…

I mean, really, how amateur do you have to be NOT to do an inventory of EVERYTHING you receive..tsk, tsk, tsk.

They can’t find anything and now they make it look like malfeasance?

Well, I did notice that they said “deleted”, which is not the same as being erased. If the files were deleted, aren’t they still there and they can be read by forensic equipment?

Yikes… Isn’t the first thing you do when you get a database is make a copy of it in case you corrupt it? Well, it is every place else.

Apparently, CyberNinjas don’t worry about copies, data, and inventory. They are so good! I imagine they will be flying around AZ really soon with swords drawn while vanquishing demons!

Cyber Ninjas and NDAs

Hmm..thinking about the AZ recount, which really isn’t about recounting the ballots but is really a forensic analysis of Dominion Voting software. Yes, Cyber Ninjas is going to count the ballots but the real issue here is learning the secrets of Dominion Software .

Have you read Dominion’s statement?

It seems to me CyberNinjas is in an incredible position to learn HOW to hack Dominion Voting Systems AND to figure out how to create malware to infect all Dominion Voting Software everywhere.

Wouldn’t a certain former President just love to have that information?

But I am not the sharpest knife in the kitchen so I suppose the CIA, FBI, NSC, and international spies are all trying to figure out how to hack the vote, too. This makes CyberNinjas a good target for everyone.

In the case of Arizona, they will have to purchase all new equipment and software in order to feel the election process is safe again. Will they feel safe with Dominion again after all of this?

Would you?

So now instead of Watergate tomfoolery, we have Desertgate enabled by the AZ Republican Party. Hey, a break-in is still a break-in even if one uses the force of law to get ‘er done!

And when Cyber Ninja’s is all done and they find nothing, are you going to believe them? Are you going to believe them when they say they say they did find something? Not me. But the more confusion, the better, if you want to destroy confidence in Democracy and voting.

Critical Race Theory?

I am still not sure what it is specifically but it seems to be saying that America’s segragationist past is evidence that Blacks were oppressed by Whites. Seems to me that’s a no-brainer.

If you define Barak Obama as a black man, you are likely opposed to Critical Race Theory even if you don’t know it.

If you think race is a social construct and not a description of people with similar physical and biological characteristics, you support Critical Race Theory as a tool to beat American society over the head.

One thing for sure, one cannot define Barak Obama as a black man and also believe that race is a social construct… given his mixed heritage.

Critical race theory (CRT), intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of colour. Critical race theorists hold that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans.”

Arizona Recount

Photo at the AZ Recount from NBC news. See link.

In my view, the Republicans are simply trying out a few cheating techniques themselves to learn what is possible for them to use next time.

What the Republican legislatures have not learned is that their BIG DOG attitudes get in the way of excellence. Sure they can bark and they can bite but who wants to watch their act of barking and biting on a local or national stage?

Bring on the experts, the specialists who know what the hell they are doing.

Right now , the Republican Party looks and acts like a GP family doctor while the body politic needs a specialist. We need a party that is competent in all things..not just barking and biting.

Even other Republicans recognize the amateur behaviors of the Republican Party. Removing Liz Cheney with tons of experience and wisdom for a first-term millenial legislator named Elise Stefanik…well, can you say “sycophant”? Or puppet?

Enthusiasm never beats experience. Froth always fails.

The Arizona Elections Debacle

In a unique way to undermine the state’s election process, the Arizona Republican legislature has gone to court to conduct its own ballot count. Instead of setting up a Commission to investigate the policies and procedures the election laws require, the Rerpublicans have turned it over to a cyber security firm to perform a recount.

The cyber security firm known as Cyber Ninja’s have somehow convinced the Arizona legislature that they know enough about the election laws of Arizona to perform recount. Sadly, we are learning more every day that they do not.

Those who are knowledgeable are beginning to make accusations that the law has already been violated in terms of securing the ballots and in using unapproved inks to mark ballots. Only inks that cannot be recognized by ballot counting machines can be used. But Cyber Ninjas learned they were using the wrong ink pens. So now they have adulterated some unknown number of ballots with ink the ballot counting machines may theow out those votes. Did Cyber Ninja change the vote count because of this? We don’t know yet.

The Republican Party is throwing feces all over the battleground voting states they lost and no feces at the always-Republican, always-Democrat voting states.

Invalidating a federal election through a poltical party process should be a warning to everyone.

At the moment, the Republican Party is saying that common folk are not allowed to vote like everyone else, that the people in government are corrupting the election process , and that the elections officials in Democrat-voting battleground states are incompetent or are corrupt.

In its arrogance, the Republican Party seeks to undermine confidence in elections. Their purpose is simple: to eliminate all barriers to Republican rule over American politics. They seek to control the levers of power to acheive the elimination of all political competition.

Fascism is at the door. The enemy is in the House.

When Politicians become Salespeople…

Once upon a time two political parties chose specific topics facing the country and developed ideas on how to approach those topics in a mature and measured way. Within those parties were hardliner and moderate politicians who supported some but not all of their political party positions.

That’s all changed now.

Today, politicians are measured on how well they “sell” the party positions to a) their base b) other Americans and c) rest of world. Like bad salesmen everywhere, the current politicians demean and degrade their opposition in order to make their “product” look better.

And you can’t call the political party and complain about your bad salesperson or the other guy’s bad salesperson. I mean, you can but it is fruitless. Due to the cost of political campaigns, politicians are “bought” by their political party and then indoctrinated to the party line. Like a Communist Party Boss, the leaders of each Party make their politicians toe the party line.

Who brought communist political tactics to the American government?

I don’t know. I can tell you in the House it was after Tip O’Neil. Maybe Newt Gingrich and John Boehner had a hand in this but I’m not really sure.

In the Senate, it was Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell who appear to have done the most damage using partisanship tools.

All I know now is that if one side is for something, the other side is opposed.

Is FB boring now that Trump is gone?

My FB is as dull as it comes now that Trump isn’t around and the news media supports Joe Biden.

Event the right-wing website chatter has lost its luster. Who is filling the Trump-Limbaugh gap on diatribes about non-WASPs?

But this gives us time to speculate on what Trump’s new media megaphone is going to be like.

It will definitely have the ability to connect MAGA supporters together in a room.

It will definitely have the ability to mobilize Trumplicans into offensive maneuvers against suspected liberals.

It will definitely project multiple Mao-like messages to Trump adherents.

It may even come with discounts to stores and events if a person signs up for the App.

Did I miss anything?

Negative Population Growth

The Washington Times Weekly Edition has an advert for NPG and it caught my attention because its message was to prevent immigration because the US is “already vastly overpopulated”. The US pop density is actually about 94 people per square mile. It is 53 people per square mile in my rural county.

Imagine how the NPG feels about NYC at ~26,500 people per square mile.

The goal of NPG is to shrink the population of America over several generations to a “smaller, truly sustainable size.”

They wish to reduce legal immigration, enforce all immigration laws to end illegal immigration, and encourage smaller family sizes.

What say ye?

Want to know more? https://npg.org/

A Republican America

If one reads political news, a Republican America has the following attributes:

a) Only people with the ability to make money or who have inherited money have value in society.

b) People with no money must live as honorable poor and be supported by family and friends or by charitable organizations. They should know their place in society and except same.

c) The vast majority of people should earn their income working for other people (the better-offs) or live a self-sufficient life.

d) The government exists to protect businesses and to support the making of money.

e) The larger the business, the more influence it should have in governmental affairs. Greater economic success equals greater access to national policy.

f) Taxes are the taking of wealth from those who have it. If taxes are taken for reasons other than protecting businesses, protecting private property, and defending the country, those taxes are unnecessary. Sometimes it is okay to tax the poor to pay for poor-people programs.

g) Live by the words “For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good;but Me you do not have always.” This means that charity and the provisioning of food , shelter, and clothing for the poor are personal matters and not governmental affairs. People should pay more attention to Jesus and his teachings than to the care of other people.

h) People should pay for food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare in accordance with their ability to make money. If they are unable to make money, that is not a government concern.

i) It is not the government’s concern to create a just society or a healthy society or a safe society , government should concern itself solely with punishment of those who violate the Ten Commandments that support businesses and economic activity.

j) Those who can care for themselves should be accorded more rights and freedoms than those who cannot. Like voting, police protection, and courtroom justice.