Now Madison, WI wants citizens to buy sanitary insurance!

The trend to require citizens to buy insurance is growing!

The city of Madison is suggesting property owners buy a $70-per-year insurance policy to help pay for sanitary sewer line repairs on private property.

In the past, city engineering crews repaired the portion of a sanitary sewer located in the public right-of-way at the request of the property owner. But state government decided to prevent local government from performing any construction work for which a private person is financially responsible.

Never mind if local officials had been providing the repair program for years. The Legislature and governor apparently considered it to be bad public policy. It’s a good deal for contractors and the insurance company selected by city officials.

It’s the latest example of growing loss of local control. The ban on local government employees doing any work on private property didn’t attract much attention at passage. But the sewer letter from city officials to home owners has people shaking their heads.

The State of Wisconsin is getting mighty uppity with the usurpation of local control.

Let’s list them:

1. The State of Wisconsin (SOW) now prevents local communities from having residency requirements. Firemen, policemen, and other first responders no longer have to live in the local area. This means that in local disasters, first responders and not local any more.

2. Local control over cell phone tower installations was usurped by SOW. I guess the State feels the need to tell the town or suburb what to do.

3. “Legislation was also enacted to restrict the power of local government to regulate landlords and real-estate brokers. Another tells local government how to assess the property value of billboards.”

4. Local control over absentee voting has been removed.

5. The pending mining bills seek to take local control away from towns and villages and give it all to the state.

The SOW under Governor Scott Walker seeks to consolidate power at the state level wherever they can get away with it.

Think global and vote local this year. Your independence may be dependent upon your vote.

Taking Away NYC guns at Christmas time

And a sarcastic Merry Christmas to those who think that it can’t happen in America….

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is sending out letters telling gun owners to turn over their rifles and shotguns — or else face the consequences.

New York City’s ban on rifles and shotguns that hold more than five rounds is now being enforced, according to a letter the NYPD is sending out to targeted city gun owners.

New York and New York City possess more unconstitutional laws about guns than other municipalities. How so? Like this: There is no requirement to obtain a State permit to buy a long gun but a State permit is needed to buy a handgun. New York City is more restrictive and requires a permit to buy a rifle or a shotgun plus it requires that every rifle or shotgun be registered. Gun registration is how NYC knows to target certain gun owners who have magazine capacities that exceed five rounds. (In an amusing fashion, the State of New York permits having a 10-round magazine provided that only 7 rounds are in it when you are outside of a shooting range, hunting, or in your home.You cannot have 10 rounds in it if you are on your property, outside of your home, and not hunting. The state has decided that 7 rounds is enough for you regardless of circumstances.)  NYC residents are limited to 5 round capacity in their shotguns and rifles by city ordinance. Plus they cannot purchase more than one long gun in a 90-day period of time. Obviously NYC does not support the 2nd Amendment and just as obviously,no cases have yet made it to the Supreme Court.

The question I have is how can you be a law abiding citizen one year and a criminal the next year by what you purchased? And how can your gun property be seized (or you forced to surrender it) when clearly the law has infringed on your right to possess firearms?

The answer is that New York and other states express disdain and contempt for the clear language in the Constitution by passing laws that infringe on your right to have firearms.

If you accept that the Second Amendment was intended to give you a weapon to shoot tyrants( as Judge Napolitano said) then you should oppose gun registration, permits to purchase firearms, plus oppose limitations on magazine capacities.

I sure hope that criminals in NYC are law abiding about gun ownership while breaking other laws, don’t you? And I hope that law abiding citizens are not declared criminals because of unconstitutional gun laws.

Just imagine a call to arms in Revolutionary America and getting this letter back:

Dear George Washington,

I regret that I cannot join your revolutionary army at this time. Oh, I would like to join your campaign to rout the British soldiers from New Jersey and New York City but the weapons I have are not sufficient for me to go up against the lawful and mighty armies of King George. King George instituted laws in New York City and Tarrytown areas that control my firearms and because of that all my musket pistols and rifles are registered with the local magistrate who, if I join your army,  may take any remaining firearms from my family, or my extended family, and reduce their personal protection. Your campaign against the tyrant King George is limited by the ability and number of weapons that can be brought by we volunteers. Unfortunately, the King has seen fit to reduce the utility of weapons in our possession. Of the weapons that I could bring, I can only carry 5 musket balls and enough powder and flint for five shots by law. I will need more than that to ensure my personal protection when trying to kill soldiers in the British Army.  Another example, I am not allowed to conceal my pistols on my person. I need to do that in order to prevent them from being observed by British spies while I am traveling along the road to join you. If I am caught with concealed weapons, law officers will arrest me and perhaps impress me into the Royal Navy. Yet I cannot carry them openly either because I will be stopped and harassed by law officers and British soldiers alike. I did not make these rules but if I am arrested before joining your army, how does that help your cause?

Good Luck with your recruitment, I sincerely hope that you win this war. I just don’t know how I can help. The local laws have reduced my ability to kill British law enforcement and British military personnel who have better weapons than I do. If you win, perhaps you can do something in the future to ensure more people have weapons to overthrow tyrants should it become necessary. If you lose the New Jersey-New York areas, we will remain under General Howe for some time and  my family will have to live with that. I must consider the best interests of my family. So please do not contact me again. I do not wish to be known as a revolutionary sympathizer and have my mail read, my home searched, my whereabouts tracked, and under God-knows-what-kind of surveillance.

Signed, Supportive in Spirit

January 1776

Another infringement on personal and private communications

Here it is.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a hush-hush trade pact that threatens millions of Internet users’ rights to connect and communicate.

Until recently the agreement had been shrouded in secrecy. But now that WikiLeaks has released some of the text, we know that the TPP would let corporations monitor our online activities, cut off our Internet access, delete content and impose fines.

The TPP is that bad. And it’s on a fast track to getting U.S. approval — without any public review or input.

This is why the Free Press Action Fund has joined forces with our friends at RootsAction to stop the TPP.

Former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has admitted that if the public knew about the TPP, there’s no way it would pass.

The pact caters to corporate interests that have little regard for our digital rights. Consider the section on intellectual property, which allows the kinds of online speech restrictions that so many of us protested when they appeared in the Stop Online Piracy Act.

The nations involved in the TPP represent more than 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. In many cases, the pact overrides or modifies the laws of TPP member states.

The chief negotiators are congregating in Utah on Nov. 19–24 to hammer out key details — and President Obama has signaled his intention to move the treaty forward. Now’s the time to put the pressure on.

Tell Congress and the White House to reject the TPP.

We must expose powerful corporations and their allies in Washington before they undermine our online rights.

US Government shuts down people-centered activities only

If the government shuts down all nonessential services and the nonessential services are ‘for the people” then the government has retained all services that serve itself.

Does that make you afraid?

The Government “for the people” has just perished from the earth. I am kind of glad that Abraham Lincoln is no longer around to learn this. Should we re-write history now so that it appears that President Lincoln said “… that this government of the people, by the people, and for itself shall not perish from the face of the earth”?

This government shut down was constructed and carried out to close all “for the people” activities and keep all the “for the government” actions fully staffed.

Snarkily, I have been waiting for President Obama and Speaker Boehner to help serve food in the cafeteria on Capitol Hill plus I was kind of looking forward to the President and the First Lady having a BBQ in their backyard just for themselves.

Imagine the photo shoot and press op:

“President Obama used Kinsgford charcoal in his Weber today to prepare hot dogs and burgers for his family’s dinner. The shutdown has caused problems with staffing the White House kitchens and the President and the First Lady have now taken on the kitchen duties. The first lady’s ‘world renown shapely arms in sleeveless dresses’ are now gracing the White House kitchen sink. The President wears a Wolfgang Puck apron and places dishes in racks to let them air dry.”

No, we don’t get those stories, do we? We get stories about closed parks, memorials, dire warnings that checks will not be sent, while all the funds earmarked for foreign aid are still paid.

So who is sharing your (and my) burden of this government shut down? The furloughed workers. But they will be paid when the shutdown ends. So it is a paid vacation after the fact. How corrupt is a government when it favors its own over all others?

So to all you Statists out there, let me say this: The problem with the government becoming so big that it runs everything: they don’t have any experience. And when they do, they run the country for the government’s benefit rather than ours.

If the civilian government does not get its act together, I fear what comes next.

New Government Entitlements for 2013!

Congress and President Obama have joined forces for the first time to bring you new government entitlements. I hope you like them because you are paying for them.

The US Government is:

1. entitled to spend whatever they want, whenever they want.

2. entitled to make you pay taxes over and over again on the same money.

3. entitled to force you to buy insurance from insurance companies or tax you.

4. entitled to tell you what kinds of products you can buy, like light bulbs.

5. entitled to read all your emails and listen to all your conversations whether you have committed a crime or not.

6. entitled to bomb anyone, anywhere, as long as they call them an enemy and do it for 60 days.

7. entitled to torture and detain any American citizen.

8. entitled to waive habeas corpus at any time.

9. entitled to sell weapons to criminals and watch them commit crimes with them.

10. entitled to tell your school what they should serve as food and what should be taught in the school.

11. entitled to track your whereabouts and use facial recognition software to spot you anywhere.

12. entitled to prevent you from remaining silent.

13. entitled to search you or your belongings anytime, anywhere.

14. entitled to force you to reveal your security pass codes so they can read your electronic papers and effects.

15. entitled to make you take off your shoes and other garments before you board a plane.

16. entitled to deny you travel by private air courier by putting your name on a list.



The Power of Definitions

Many times it is the power to define a thing that controls the conversation, or the policy, or the legislation. Consider this:

The Senate Free Flow of Information Act of 2013 would establish a national “shield law” that would give journalists protection from testifying in situations when investigators want the sources of confidential information used in media reports.

However, in today’s world, the definition of the word “journalist” means different things to different people, and two powerful Senators, Dianne Feinstein and Richard Durbin, say journalists only should enjoy extended First Amendment protection if they work for traditional media outlets on a paid basis.

Where in the First Amendment does the word “Journalist” ever occur?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]

Clearly it does not say that Congress shall decide who is entitled to thumb their nose at investigators: yes to journalists and no to everyone else. The very title of the proposed law is Orwellian by saying’ Free Flow of Information’ but its intent is to make a law that removes the protections of the First Amendment to all except those that are defined by the government as deserving of protection.

A government first becomes obsessive before it becomes oppressive. Right now the federal government is obsessed with extending its power over others. Making you tell investigators when you do not want to is unconstitutional when you are threatened with incarceration as a result.Is there a difference between being thrown in jail for expressing your views and not telling investigators where those views came from? I don’t think so.

The power to compel people to tell the truth during an investigation is huge and now the power to tell investigators when you do not wish is larger. There was a time when the courts had power to swear people in and then jail them for lying and there was a time when the courts could place reluctant witnesses in jail for not testifying. When that power can be utilized by the police and investigators to threaten people to cooperate this has taken everything to a whole new level of oppression.

Anytime government can define who is entitled to the protections of the Constitution it is well on the road to oppression. The First Amendment is about what Congress cannot do. Congress should pay attention to that part.

There is no difference between bloggers, radio announcers, back fence political conversations, kitchen news readers, and journalists. The press is the press and it does not mean just people with printing presses to distribute their words to the public.


The Federal Nudge Squad…

The federal government is hiring what it calls a “Behavioral Insights Team”  that will look for ways to subtly influence people’s behavior, according to a  document describing the program obtained by Critics warn there  could be unintended consequences to such policies, while supporters say the team  could make government and society more efficient.

While the program is still in its early stages, the document shows the White  House is already working on such projects with almost a dozen federal  departments and agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services  and the Department of Agriculture.

“Behavioral sciences can be used to help design public policies that work  better, cost less, and help people to achieve their goals,” reads the government  document describing the program, which goes on to call for applicants to apply  for positions on the team.

The document was emailed by Maya Shankar, a White House senior adviser on  social and behavioral sciences, to a university professor with the request that  it be distributed to people interested in joining the team. The idea is that the  team would “experiment” with various techniques, with the goal of tweaking  behavior so people do everything from saving more for retirement to saving more  in energy costs.

Read more:

There is a difference between advocating a behavior and nudging a person’s behavior. I like the first and abhor the second. To me the issue is about respecting the individual. Federal nudging does not do that.

I believe that Reasonable Citizens are rational actors capable of determining what is in their best interest. Attempts to influence their behavior is unacceptable. Efforts to provide valid infornation to establish a basis for decisions is acceptable.

Tell me what I ought to know to make a decision but don’t tell me only what you think I should know to act the way you want.

You can imagine how unsuccessful nudging will be dealt with: More money to nudge, more power to nudge, and more damn nudging over all.

This government is full of lesser men, don’t nudge me.



Zimmerman and the Department of Injustice

I am flummoxed at this:

Amid pressure from the NAACP and several Democratic lawmakers to pursue  Zimmerman, the department has set up a public email address asking for any tips  or information regarding the case. The move appears to mark an expansion of the  probe, after Attorney General Eric Holder said in an address Tuesday to the  NAACP that his department would “consider all available information” before  deciding whether to move forward.

Read more:

There is no FEDERAL justice in America when the DOJ sets up a TIP line for an innocent man that was declared so by a jury of his peers…

….Makes me so angry I want to spit…. Fire Holder!


The Fourth of July 2013 Memorial?

Independence Day… Time for a memorial or a celebration?

The news tells us about the US government spying on its citizens.

Fireworks displays at military bases are suspended because of sequestration.

A citizen is hounded around the world, his passport is revoked, and foreign nations fear granting him asylum because the USA is after him. His crime? He revealed the illegal and unethical nature of US spying around the world.His trial? Never happened.

The President vacations in Africa while White House tours are suspended. A purge of US generals is occurring. The President has the highest record of charging whistleblowers with crimes in the history of the US.

Congress is determined to hold its breath until it dies rather than breathe legislative life into anything.

The Supreme Court is rife with partisanship instead of objectivity.

Two teen age boys are in jail facing charges of terrorism because they mouthed off while playing video games.

American citizens are hunted down and killed without a trial.

American citizens are no longer secure in their possessions or their homes.

National Security Letters allow any federal law enforcement to acquire anything about you they wish without showing that you are a suspect in a crime.

This is not the Fourth of July like any other. It is the first memorial to the Fourth of July.

Like you, I love my country and what I always thought it stood for. I wish it stood for those things today. Freedom, Responsibility, Choice, Constitutional Government, and the Rights of Citizens. These noble ideas have been trammeled in the pursuit of global power and by making people serve the government.

There is a difference…

Although the people who run the federal government try to deceive you, there is a difference between a Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, between an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend”, between a federal oath of office and conducting yourself as the federal government wants you to do.

Does everyone/anyone remember John Brennan’s ceremony when he assumed his role as head of the CIA?

Seems to me that our government of lesser men has forgotten that its primary role is to run the federal government in accordance with the rules laid out in the Constitution of the United States. At one time, a man’s oath was considered a measure of his fidelity to  a cause. Today, the oaths of the federal cabinet heads aren’t worth the words that are uttered out of their deceitful mouths.

I used to say that the reason that large corporate officers in business are paid so much money is to afford the lawyers that their criminality will require. Now I wonder if the power that is given to cabinet heads is the same kind of power given to the heads of criminal organizations: enough power to retain control over their enterprise in exchange for loyalty to their bosses. Enough power is given to cabinet heads to preserve, protect, and defend the President against all enemies foreign and domestic.

John Brennan is a careful man. He took the oath of office on a copy of the Constitution without the Bill of Rights. There is a message here. He is either not Christian or he holds his Christian views so sacred that he won’t sully it by swearing to the criminality of his job on his Bible. That is not likely because he has taken an oath many times previously, hasn’t he? I wonder how he took his oaths in previous administrations? Perhaps he took no no oath previously but merely affirmed his allegiance to the Constitution? (If he holds any other religion as sacred, he chose not to swear on its religious book.) Which leaves me to wonder if John Brennan’s message is simply  ‘I will uphold the Constitution this far and no farther’. As I said, John Brennan is a careful man.

But now the federal government appears to want its acolytes to swear allegiance to the government itself or at least conduct itself with that end in mind. It is now treasonous according to the DOJ to out a Total Information Awareness program that Congress itself shut down in 2004. The DOJ decided that Eric Snowden should be tried for treason not because he gave secrets clandestinely to a foreign nation but because he gave information about secret programs to the public at large. It is now treasonous to out your government’s criminality.

We should be very afraid now.