Can anyone vote Republican anymore?

There’s a title I never thought I’d write. And yet the rot and decay in Republican Party values has created an overwhelming stench.

Evidence demands a verdict. Consider the evidence:

a) A President who blames all his troubles on someone else. A President who demeans 49% of all Americans. A President who is actively wrenching Republicanism away from its core values of decency, respect, the rule of law and God, and replacing those values with buffoonery, humiliation, and maniacal tweets.

b) A Majority Leader in the Senate who perverted the impeachment process and emboldened and enabled a cover-up of criminal and unethical Executive Branch actions.

c) A federal Republican party that will not display nor support the humble and decent values of Ronald Reagan and countless other Republican presidents.  A congressional Republican Party that seeks to break the US Treasury during times of crisis.

d) A Republican Party that no longer believes in a Republic and instead seeks Presidential immunity from prosecution and immunity from congressional oversight,  a party who seeks a King to revere,  and a party who asserts that all accusations against the President are a crime.

How can and why should anyone vote for the rot in the Republican Party?

And how can anyone vote for the Democrat Party either? Socialistic, bleed-the-bank programs, corrupting the ethics of self-reliance, independent thinking, and the advancement of the greater good in all men, the Democratic Party has failed to engage its collective brain and has failed its mission to rear decent Americans.

If you believe in the decency of the common man, for goodness sake, vote for someone other than a Republican or a Democrat. If you want to save America, vote independently and vote for a different set of legislators.


Well, well, finally…finally…

OMG. I almost agree with this thinking!

The issue has always been about living with this infection, not in preventing it. I am feeling justified at the moment.

Looks like we do need a Grandma Protection Plan after all. Keep the Geezers Safe! Yeah!

No one wants to accidentally give Grandma or Grandpa COVID-19.  We need to protect nursing homes and vulnerable populations from COVID-19. Now we need someone to write about it so others can live it!

Let’s not blow the doors off self-isolation but let’s craft a set of practices on how to live with this disease in our society.

1) Announce early retirement with no penalty

2) Develop guidelines for safely visiting loved ones in nursing homes

3) Develop sanitization plans for public places





Oh man, oh man, oh Manochewitz! What is wrong with educated people? I am so happy I never went to college  because they turn out idiots!

For most of us who are practicing social distancing and making only occasional trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, experts agree that it’s not necessary to change clothes or take a shower when you return home. You should, however, always wash your hands. While it’s true that a sneeze or cough from an infected person can propel viral droplets and smaller particles through the air, most of them will drop to the ground.

Studies show that some small viral particles could float in the air for about half an hour, but they don’t swarm like gnats and are unlikely to collide with your clothes.

“A droplet that is small enough to float in air for a while also is unlikely to deposit on clothing because of aerodynamics,” said Linsey Marr, an aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech. “The droplets are small enough that they’ll move in the air around your body and clothing.”

What is wrong with them?

Of course, the likelihood is small that one person walking within six feet of a nose breather once in a while will become infected by droplets. But what if the other person is a mouth breather or worse yet, spits when he speaks?

…unlikely to deposit on clothing…??????

Sheesh. And the aerodynamics of air movement around the body will protect you? When pigs fly!

Oh, Lord, protect the innocent from the evils of education. Please.

If the store is practically empty and you are there for a few minutes, there is no need to change your clothes or shower. But if you are in the store for an hour going up and down the aisle AND your area has an outbreak of the virus, you would be wise to shed your clothes and change into home clothing. There’s a lot of things you can’t control but you can control your hygiene and your clothing.

I talked before about Strike Zone Sanitization. When you are in a store, you are likely touching things between your shoulders and your knees. For goodness sake, you are touching them with your clothing, too.

If you have a sexagenarian like me, be careful, don’t wear infected clothing around them.


Do we really need to tell people that doctors wear masks to protect themselves? Do we really need to say that nurses need masks to protect themselves, too?

WTF is wrong with people who believe they only need a mask if they themselves are sick? Do you think every doctor who looks down your throat is wearing a mask so they don’t infect you? When pigs fly, my friends, when pigs fly….

Why do you think there are all these complaints about nurses not having N95 masks? Why do you think there is a shortage of masks for doctors and  nurses? Is it because they are all sick?

Give me a break. So let me be the first to tell you: masks protect you and the person to whom you are speaking.

There I told you. Now go and sin no more. If you are worried about catching or giving COVID-19 to someone, wear a blasted mask. Your mucosal areas will thank you.

Change your clothes when you spend time in public or within crowds, too. You can’t always control social distancing. You can control yourself though, so just do it.

How to operate a government building during the COVID-19 crisis

Here are my thoughts on the operation of a government facility during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s time we start talking about living with the risks instead of avoiding them with Stay-At-Home orders. If you have a better process than local control, let me know. —-ReasonableCitizen

Living with COVID-19 is a reality. This operational plan doesn’t prevent all possible occurrences of public transmission of COVID-19; however, it reduces the risk that a mass outbreak will occur as a result of a single infected person.

Top government officials within a function or a facility should be responsible for establishing an Infection Control policy for employees and citizens it serves. In addition, an Infection Control Committee should be established in functions or facilities that have more than 30 employees. The size and scope of the Committee should also be determined by top government officials. The purpose of the Committee is to reduce the propensity for an outbreak infection when conducting government affairs. The purpose is not to prevent all possible infections; these infection risks occur naturally in our environment. The Committee is to reduce, not eliminate, the risks that one infected person may infect many others.

Infection Control Policy should include:

1. Developing a Function or Facility Sanitization Plan

Strike Zone Sanitization: Sanitize all horizontal surfaces in the Strike Zone that the public or employees may touch when entering, conducting their business, or exiting the building. The Strike Zone is between the knees and shoulders of an average height adult. Sanitize all Strike Zone areas of vertical surfaces like doors and windows and trim, which the public or employees may encounter.

Frequency of Strike Zone Sanitization: Door handles, customer windows, and public work counters/surfaces: every two hours. Trim and other Strike Zone areas before and after the work shift.

Equip all customer-facing personnel with disinfectant to clean as often as they feel it is necessary.

Establish a Sanitization Station at public entrances/exits for the public and employees to sanitize when entering and leaving a government building.

2. Reducing human-to-human (H2H) droplet transference:

Employ transparent plastic shielding between employees and the public at all public-facing windows and counters.

Employ masks and gloves where appropriate. Changing as needed throughout the day.

Implement a “No Sticky People” policy for employees and the public. People with runny noses, sneezy, coughing, drooling, or leaking bodily fluids are not permitted to enter unless they have an appointment. They should be escorted to and from the appointment area wearing appropriate PPE. A designated meeting area for Sticky People is preferred but not required.

3. Signage and Cautions: Deploying signage throughout the facility explaining the Sanitization Plan for the building and the No Sticky People Policy. The signage should remind everyone that personal responsibility to prevent infection is just as crucial as Sanitization Plans for the public-at-large. People should be told they are in control of themselves. They may choose to accept risks for themselves; however, they should also be mindful of risks to others. Because the nature of COVID-19 allows for asymptomatic transmission, all adults are encouraged to protect their mucosal areas from virus infiltration.

4. Protecting personnel:

  1. Government employees should be provided with the necessary PPE for the performance of their responsibilities. Such PPE is determined by top government officials in conjunction with the Infection Control Committee.
  2. Personnel may employ additional personal protection as they feel necessary to perform their responsibilities. If those additional protections interfere with other departmental employees or the departmental work, the department supervisor will provide coaching and set PPE standards for the ongoing performance of the department. The employee has the right to appeal those standards to Human Relations and Infection Control Committee for adjudication. A decision by HR and the Infection Control Committee is binding on the employee.
  3. Social distancing policy is to be utilized in areas where the public-at-large has access. Social distancing rules may be relaxed in non-public areas of the building, as determined by the Infection Control Committee and top government officials. Meeting rooms and conference rooms should have the sanitization schedule posted in a visible location.

5. Change the operational nature of government and citizen interaction:

  1. Provide phone assistance with e-form completion and provide web-based tutorials on the use and purpose of government services.
  2. Change the business hours for all governmental public-facing activities from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Retain the hours for non-public-facing activities as appropriate. These hours may assist employees in finding convenient and suitable childcare and provides greater opportunity for flexible work hour arrangements. This will also ensure citizens are able to fit government services into their daily schedule as many working Americans work 8-5 pm.

6. Special Conditions and Rules:

Cafeteria and restaurants: Within a government facility, cafeterias and restaurants are subject to the policies established by the Infection Control Committee and may include: sanitization efforts sufficient to prevent the transmission of surface-to-human infections, droplet protection for sanitized utensils and dinner ware, droplet protection for foods and condiments, and caution signage that advises and informs users of the risks in utilizing the food service, i.e., increased human contact and increased risk of infection.

Handling of money: It is the responsibility of government facilities to accept traditional monetary method of payment employed by citizens. Traditional methods are checks, money orders, cash, credit cards, and e-technologies that represent the traditional methods. The Infection Control Committee is charged with reducing the infection risk associated with each type of payment.

Childcare for Employees: It’s the responsibility of the employee to provide safe custody and care for his/her children during normal business hours. The supervisor of the department may grant, upon request and suitability, flexible hours and flexible work conditions to employees with safe-childcare obstacles.

Closure of childcare facilities present such an obstacle. Supervisors are not required to provide alternatives to childcare obstacles but are requested to be flexible where possible.

The closure of schools does not present an obstacle to safe childcare. It is common for schools to close for three months of the year and to have specific dates in which schools are closed while a government facility is open. These are standard closures under normal conditions for parents to problem solve their childcare needs. The COVID-19 crisis does not require additional childcare mitigation.

Open Beaches! OMG, YES!

What the heck is wrong with opening beaches? If golf courses are open, why not beaches? If bike trails are open, why not beaches?

Hot sun, UV, sterilization? Should be on everyone’s list!

Egads! Six feet of separation is normal on the beach.

Ok, salt water does not sterilize but it does prevent the growth of bacteria under some conditions. So go to the beach, just stay out of the water to be safe. The water goes into your mucosal areas and then comes out. It does that with infected people, too.

So go to the beach and stay out of the water.

Flummoxed by CDC Report


The CDC published this report. It says that rural children are more likely to have developmental disabilities. By 2%. TWO PERCENT!

The sky is falling once again, Chicken Little!

This is another in a long list of pseudo-analyses of existing data that purports to show a correlation from items not studied initially. You have seen these same kinds of analysis PROVE that ghosts exist, and aliens have visited the earth in ancient times.

First, you get a bunch of adults without formal education in developmental health (or the supernatural) to decide if their child has mental health issues (or have seen ghosts!). Then you correlate the data with the availability of mental health resources and voila! There you have it! A group of parents, deciding their children have something wrong with them, have PROVEN for a FACT that rural children have more developmental disabilities (or seen more ghosts) than urban children.

Parents have determined that their children are developmentally disabled! WOW! What a revelation! And what kind of developmental disabilities did these self-declaring parents report?

“Overall, developmental disabilities were more prevalent in children living in rural areas than in urban areas. This difference appears to be largely attributable to the higher prevalence of ADHD seen among children living in rural areas, although children living in rural areas were also more likely to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy.”

AHA!Eureka! Egad, we found it, Watson! More rural parents report their children to have ADHD than city folk!

(sarcasm, alert!) More cerebral palsy, too, but this is the Center For Disease Control, and we don’t care about cerebral palsy, we only care about developmental disabilities NOT caused by diseases! (Go figure.)

Okay. Let’s give this research its due. The authors boldly list the limitations of the study as well as the results.

“Diagnoses for all conditions were parent-reported and were not validated either through clinical evaluation or educational records. Parental report is susceptible to recall biases, particularly among parents of older children. Despite this, NHIS has several notable strengths in both its large sample size and high response rate for a national survey.”

In other words, it’s okay that the declarations of the parents were not validated with facts! We authors have a heck-of-a-lot more parents self-declaring, and that is way more significant than checking on the facts through an analysis of clinical evaluations and educational records!

Sigh…Sometimes college educations are wasted. These authors prove it to be true. They self-declare by publishing this tripe. We should ask their parents for their opinions on the authors’ developmental disabilities.

I suspect the authors have parentally-diagnosed ADHD.

Terrible “News”

They just don’t get it, do they? The news anchors, I mean. “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Let’s say this straight out:

If you are a news person and you are “The Story”, you aren’t doing your damn job right!

YOU… Mr./Mrs./Ms….you so-called journalist…YOU are not supposed to have encounters with the President, challenge the President, or pontificate on a series of facts before asking the President leading questions. Or anyone else for that matter.

YOU are not the news. When YOU are the news, it is because you have too much ego and not enough intelligence. YOU want us to see YOUR “courage” (cough) to speak truth to power. YOU are NOT the story.

YOU are supposed to give us YOUR opinion AFTER THE DAMN INTERVIEW!

Have you forgotten your elders? George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Seymour Hersch, Howard Fineman, Wolf Blitzer, George Stephanopoulos. Sheesh!

Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read PRESIDENT CAN’T SWIM.”

This illustrates my point. The story was about the President. It’s not about the journalist who was standing on the shore shouting out some absurd comment like: “How do you think people are going to feel about you walking on water now, Mr. President? Some might say that you are covering up the fact that the water is polluted since you removed all pollution controls by executive order?”

That’s not journalism. That’s crap.

Save your pontificating in front of the Washington press corps for drinks at the “newsy” hotel bars.

Or get a blog like mine. With a blog, you are free to open your mouth and remove all doubt about the kind of fool you are. I do it every day.

Is the US on the path to Social Democracy?

The statement I read said “To understand why the United States is on the path to social democracy….”

Social Democracy: a political movement that uses principles of democracy to change a capitalist country to a socialist one. 2. a country that uses both capitalist and socialist practices.

I don’t even know what that means today. The US has had a 20th century history replete with social changes installed by democratic means. Of course we are on the path of social democracy. Who can deny this? Minimum wage laws, worker rights embedded into laws, Medicare, MedicAid, food stamps, and now healthcare through the Affordable Care Act. It seems to me that America is already a social democracy.

Yet there are those who say that America has not gone far enough with socialist programs. You can bet that Income Inequality is the next thing on the Social Democrats agenda in the US. Some type of control over how much money is “shared” between the owners of a company and those who work in it. Is it any wonder that owners want to replace people with machines? Income Inequality goals and objectives will certainly spur that process along.

No one can reasonably argue but many accept that misery is God’s vision of the human condition. Perhaps human misery is a challenge that God has placed for Man to overcome. The social democrats see the goal of government to be a continuous reduction in human misery and continuous increase in opportunities to raise individual happiness. Many Christian Republicans/Conservatives see human misery as God’s Will and as an example that Christian values will help a person rise above his/her personal misery. (It is convenient to have bad examples to point to when discussing the Ten Commandments….Or so my fundamentalist friends point out to me.)

So where are we today? The battle between those who say the system is as God intended it to be (Conservative Christian Republicans) and those who say change the system because it is not working (Liberal Progressive Social Democrats) has now gone global. Around the world people and governments are being presented with choices to establish one or the other. And it is a Communication War between the two sides. Soon you will be asked to take sides.

What do you believe? Do you think that God intended there to be superior and inferior people with social processes that allows the superior to rise as the inferior fall? Is misery ordained by God for many people and whose only allowed hope is to accept their misery in the name of God towards a better afterlife than the current life?

If you do not believe that, do you believe that God intended Mankind to figure out how to care for his fellow man?

Makes one wonder why God was so mad at Cain when he said “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Was Cain exhibiting the qualities of today’s Christian Conservative Republicans? God made the process so who are we to question His wisdom? Is that the question? Cain was clearly misdirecting God’s question because his actions created misery and death for Abel.

America is already a social democracy in process. How can it be otherwise in a Representative Democracy? So far it seems that life has improved for a majority of people under the social programs accepted by the US government. There is no reason to suspect it will change as long as we all agree that the Constitution is the Law of the Land and not ‘just some damn piece of paper.”

Jeremiah’s Water and Public Enemy # 1

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. Genesis 2:15

And I brought you into a plentiful land
to enjoy its fruits and its good things.
But when you came in, you defiled my land
and made my heritage an abomination. Jeremiah 2:7

People cannot live a full life if the water and the land are polluted. Mankind is called to be a good steward over the Earth. We have fallen short of that in Wisconsin.

TOWN OF LINCOLN, Kewaunee County — In one of the most intensively farmed parts of America’s Dairyland, where 29 percent of the county’s private wells test unsafe due to bacteria or nitrates, residents have a new concern: estrogenic well water.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay researchers cited manure as a possible source — though not the only one — for the endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in half of 40 wells in northeastern Wisconsin, chosen for testing because of their susceptibility to contamination.

“We don’t know what the human health risks are,” said Angela Bauer, lead author. “But what we do know is that long-term exposure to estrogen in general can increase your risk to certain types of diseases, including hormone-sensitive cancers. So I think it’s absolutely something that requires further attention.”

Lincoln resident Mick Sagrillo had already stopped drinking his well water before he learned that it had “the honor,” as he put it sarcastically, of being Kewaunee’s most estrogenic — that is, tainted with the hormone estrogen or something mimicking it.

Wisconsin Watch has  a terrific article detailing the Water Woes of Wisconsin.

For more than a decade Sagrillo, an energy consultant, has kept a spreadsheet of his well’s woes, using happy and sad faces to annotate test results. The nitrate tests all show sad faces, while the coliform bacteria are about half and half. Last spring, for the first time, his well test identified the fecal bacteria E. coli.

To Sagrillo, the estrogenic water is just another reason to worry about Big Dairy’s effects on this vulnerable landscape. In Lincoln, 51 percent of the wells tested are unsafe — more than twice the statewide rate of about one quarter.

Of course, there is no “scientific evidence” that estrogenic water comes from the effluence of dairy cows that are fed estrogens and whose urination and defecation are full of the stuff. There is never enough evidence until all of a sudden everyone agrees that there is. Tritium poisoning, asbestos cancers, smoking cancers, Love Canal, and Superfund sites across America all are testaments to the fact that there is never enough scientific evidence until there is.

Here in eastern Barron County, the lake waters are filled with algae that turn the local lakes as green as a shamrock on St Patrick’s Day. The lakes are surrounded by farms that are “fed” by turkey manure spread on local farmland. But no one wants to admit it. They like to think that lake residents and Scott’s Turf Grow lawn products are responsible. While there is no evidence that the effluence of turkey farms and dairy operations are the single largest contributor to the problem, there are no other sources that can be identified as contributors. The algae find the manure contribution from farmland magically delicious and it grows unimpeded. The Chetek Lake Protection Association does what they can (which is talk, watch, and measure) but there is no money anywhere to make things better. The state financial contribution to re-establish clean air and water borders on insanity. Does $3.5 M in grants sound like enough to you? Didn’t think so. There is $200M available in the Clean Water Fund for “Construction of wastewater and storm water treatment facilities, sewer systems, and interceptors necessary to prevent a violation of discharge limits, to meet new or changed limits, or to protect human health and water quality in unsewered areas.” For human crap and drinking water, not for restoring the ‘free water’ of Wisconsin.

Manure. We are full of it. Manure trucks carry so much that they are overweight and local authorities are meeting on January 27th with the County Sheriff to consider establishing a special deputy who will weigh trucks to make sure they are not overweight for the roads they ride on. It’s not just manure, it is also logging trucks, agricultural implements of husbandry, and perhaps frac sand trucks that will be overweight but it’s the manure and other fertilizers that feed the algae every year.

I have not tested my well for estrogens but I will. I will also test it for other toxic materials… like manure.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture uses the term “manure-to-cropland ratio” to describe the problem. Brown County, where Green Bay’s urban sprawl has eaten into farmland, has the highest ratio, followed by other northeastern counties.

“You have the worst-case scenario here,” said Bill Hafs, a former Brown County conservationist who now directs the environmental program for NEW Water, the Green Bay sewerage district. “The trends are unsustainable for agriculture and water quality.”

Gordon Stevenson, a retired former chief of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources runoff management section, calculated that Wisconsin’s 3.4 million cows produce more waste than the people of Tokyo and Mexico City combined. He called land spreading of untreated manure “public enemy No. 1” in a recent speech.

If I were President, I would piss everyone off by saying that the goal of the EPA is to return America’s ‘free water’ quality and ‘free air’ quality to the same levels as 1620 when the Mayflower Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. I would give the EPA “four score and seven years” to make it so. No more rivers catching fire, no more undrinkable water wells.

People need clean air and clean water to live. We must do what we can to obtain it, reclaim it, and provide cleaner water and cleaner air to our descendants. Air and water quality must be better when we leave this world than when we found it.

Oops! Santa is a benevolent white man…

Megyn Kelly is lambasted for saying that Santa is a white person. Imagine that. Who could possibly believe that a white man would deliver Christmas gifts to all the children of the world regardless of race, creed, or color? Apparently the pundits who attacked Megyn cannot believe that Santa Claus is a mythic white person. And apparently the Jew who called himself the son of God, Jesus Christ, is not a Caucasian either. The diabolical white people have just claimed these two are white without really knowing it. They used their privileged status to create two mythic white people who loved everyone. Those damn white people are so inscrutable, aren’t they? What motive could they possibly have to enshrine such goodly traits into a white person?

Oh, I am sorry, some people might think that I intimate that Jesus is a mythic figure. I don’t want to give you that impression. After all, his father was God and his mother was a Jew and Jews are Caucasian but He was a real person in history. I am not going to argue if God is a myth and whether one drop of mythic blood is enough to taint Jesus forever as mythic. I will leave that to others who have more time on their hands.

Now I am certainly concerned that all goodly white mythic figures we know are involved in some evil plot to subjugate the rest of the world. Paul Bunyan might have actually been an giant aborigine from Australia with a blue platypus rather than an ox. Tom Swift, inventor extraordinaire, may have been an Asian kid and not some rich white kid son of a brilliant father. And, of course, Doc Savage, with his formidable skills honed to excellence by a cadre of scientists, may have been some thing other than a white person also.

“For her part, Kelly did invite two African American critics on her show Friday night to address the controversy.

“The insistence that he must be white. That was the thing that turned people off,” political analyst Zerlina Maxwell told Kelly. ““Kids should be able to use their imagination when talking about fictional characters.”

Zerlina Maxwell resembles an idiot when she says “Kids should be able to use their imagination when talking about fictional characters.” Tell that to illustrators of children’s books and see what they say. Imagine the cover of a book with an indistinct, nondescript, human with a sign that says “Insert your own imagination here”. Balderdash.

Uncle Remus was not a black man? Sambo was not a tribal black child? The horror! Imagine an illustrator drawing those two mythic black characters as white or as Chinese! Talk about usurping the very soul of the character. Sheesh! I think we should ask Bill Cosby if Fat Albert and his friends were really black. Perhaps it was just an illustrator who assumed that by the language and character traits that Cosby emphasized.No? Oh.

Santa is a benevolent white man. Get over it. Jesus was a Jew and  a real person.

And Megyn Kelly is correct even if others do not wish to believe it.