Oops! Santa is a benevolent white man…

Megyn Kelly is lambasted for saying that Santa is a white person. Imagine that. Who could possibly believe that a white man would deliver Christmas gifts to all the children of the world regardless of race, creed, or color? Apparently the pundits who attacked Megyn cannot believe that Santa Claus is a mythic white person. And apparently the Jew who called himself the son of God, Jesus Christ, is not a Caucasian either. The diabolical white people have just claimed these two are white without really knowing it. They used their privileged status to create two mythic white people who loved everyone. Those damn white people are so inscrutable, aren’t they? What motive could they possibly have to enshrine such goodly traits into a white person?

Oh, I am sorry, some people might think that I intimate that Jesus is a mythic figure. I don’t want to give you that impression. After all, his father was God and his mother was a Jew and Jews are Caucasian but He was a real person in history. I am not going to argue if God is a myth and whether one drop of mythic blood is enough to taint Jesus forever as mythic. I will leave that to others who have more time on their hands.

Now I am certainly concerned that all goodly white mythic figures we know are involved in some evil plot to subjugate the rest of the world. Paul Bunyan might have actually been an giant aborigine from Australia with a blue platypus rather than an ox. Tom Swift, inventor extraordinaire, may have been an Asian kid and not some rich white kid son of a brilliant father. And, of course, Doc Savage, with his formidable skills honed to excellence by a cadre of scientists, may have been some thing other than a white person also.

“For her part, Kelly did invite two African American critics on her show Friday night to address the controversy.

“The insistence that he must be white. That was the thing that turned people off,” political analyst Zerlina Maxwell told Kelly. ““Kids should be able to use their imagination when talking about fictional characters.”

Zerlina Maxwell resembles an idiot when she says “Kids should be able to use their imagination when talking about fictional characters.” Tell that to illustrators of children’s books and see what they say. Imagine the cover of a book with an indistinct, nondescript, human with a sign that says “Insert your own imagination here”. Balderdash.

Uncle Remus was not a black man? Sambo was not a tribal black child? The horror! Imagine an illustrator drawing those two mythic black characters as white or as Chinese! Talk about usurping the very soul of the character. Sheesh! I think we should ask Bill Cosby if Fat Albert and his friends were really black. Perhaps it was just an illustrator who assumed that by the language and character traits that Cosby emphasized.No? Oh.

Santa is a benevolent white man. Get over it. Jesus was a Jew and  a real person.

And Megyn Kelly is correct even if others do not wish to believe it.

Who cares about the Healthcare website…

Ok, granted: the website ought to work.

But really, why the big deal? A website that is broken for a program that forces people to buy healthcare insurance products… is okay to be broken.

And I don’t particularly care if the traffic to the site is down from some estimate given two years ago.

But all of this ‘counting coup’ on another government failure is beyond sound reason. Hey, Mr. Media, get your head in the game of privacy instead of ObamaCare and you will have my attention.

We all know that only early adopters are looking at it now. The reasonable people have not yet gotten around to it. When they do, they will take it in stride and check another day off the President Obama calendar until he is replaced.

That is what I am doing…

HR 368 rule change…Eric Cantor: unitary executive?

Just watch the video first.

This leaves Eric Cantor, as majority leader, as the only person who can unblock this stalemate. And he is meeting with the President. My guess is that they are learning ‘who has it my way or the highway’.

I think default is possible now. No one can afford to lose face in this struggle.

I am now convinced that Republicans and Democrats are stress testing our Republic, our financial system, and the world. They wish to see how far they can go to break the system. Stress testing. I just hope they do not intend to failure test the system. The difference between stress test and failure test is that stress testing has a limit at which you stop testing. A failure test is to test until the thing breaks.

Woe to all. But here we are with one day to go and nobody is worried. The plan to make the American government look incompetent is successful. When the government decides who gets paid and who does not when shut down, we will see the full power of the Executive Branch on display. They alone will decide under some Emergency Powers to choose who wil be paid and who will not. That is the beginning of the phase to show the civilian government is corrupt.

Each party will favor itself and Americans will be upset. At the right time, the military (instead of the police) will assert themselves into quelling domestic riots. That is the end of the beginning.

The trouble with The NEWS Media in 2013

It’s simple. They do not know the truth of anything and consequently cannot call out, box in, nor interrogate the “sources” (aka spokespersons)  that are pushed in front of them.

And secondly, they cannot tell the difference between truth and propaganda anymore.

It is all BAD NEWS even when it is simply bad news…

The government is shut down for two weeks and they talk to the White House instead of the agencies affected, they speak with congressmen instead of furloughed workers.

Poll: Which is worse: the ‘news media’ or Congress? Explain your answer.

Wisconsin Farmers and IoH Rules- Part 1

Last night I attended the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection listening session in Chippewa Falls for rule changes to Implements of Husbandry for road use.

For those who may not be knowledgeable, let me bring you up to date. Over the years, the farm implement manufacturers have been developing larger and heavier farm equipment to improve productivity in planting, fertilizing, weed control, and harvesting. They have done this without regard for the roads these farm implements must travel on to get to the fields. Perhaps you will be surprised to learn that many farmers farm land in segments across a county or several counties. (As one man said last night: “I farm in three counties, 4 cities, and many, many townships…” This is still a “family farm” because it is run by one man and his family but it is not the family farm you have seen on TV.)  Because these farmers drive their equipment on roads, it is having an impact on safety and on road conditions in two ways.

Most town roads are able to handle 80,000 pounds GVW  across 5 axles a few times a year without any issues. However, when a farmer is taking his equipment out daily to farm multiple areas, he is using the same town roads over and over again causing more wear and tear. This leads to breakup and breakdown conditions on town roads. In data presented last night a 20% overweight vehicle can shorten the life of a road by 50%. That increases the frequency and the cost of maintaining it for every town.

The second effect is when the vehicle length is too long. Many times in rural areas these slow moving vehicles cause drivers to pass them without regard for safety. When hills and curves are involved this may lead to fatal accidents. As a corollary, sometimes the farm implements are too wide for one lane and drivers are forced to ride on the shoulder to pass these implements. Deaths have occurred as a result if the driver clips an implement while passing.

Farmers argue that the large vehicles have been permitted for years and it makes no sense to outlaw them now. Millions of dollars are spent each year on farm equipment and that should have a bearing on what the law will allow.

Another said that the new laws would not allow him to pull three wagons down the road and he had been doing that for years. The Sheriff stood up about that time and said that it has been illegal to pull three implements for at least 50 years. The Sheriff said a man can drive 80 miles an hour every day but when he is finally caught he cannot say to the judge that he has been driving that fast for a long time so they should just make it legal. There was laughter at that time.

Some items that seem obvious should be stated;

1. All citizens support farming with their tax dollars. Farmers don’t pay some gas taxes and also receive a lower rate of taxation on farm land then what others pay. Of note, too, is that Implements of Husbandry are exempt from fuel taxes.

2. Farm equipment, especially manure haulers, are heavy vehicles that can damage the edge of roads very quickly. Many of them are driven down the center of town roads due to size and weight.

3, All this together means that agricultural towns have high impact on their roads by the very same farmers who pay the least % to support them. Which means that you and I pay proportionally more for car usage than what is “fair” by tonnage.

As Town Chairman, I am concerned about the costs of road maintenance. At $280,000 mile to replace a road with a budget of ~$200,000 a year for roads, our town is in deep doodoo if a road will only last 50% of its expected life. With 62 miles of town roads to look after, we need to extend the life of roads and not reduce them.

I will try tomorrow night to cover more of the proposed changes to IoH rules and the brouhaha over them. Until then watch this segment from the evening news. See anyone you know?

News Video

Privacy on the Net: TOR usage doubles

Once you’ve installed Tor’s software on your PC—most often in the form of the Tor browser bundle—the service allows you to surf the web anonymously by encrypting your Internet connection requests and bouncing them between numerous “relay nodes” before finally sending them on to the final destination.

No node knows the identifiable information of any nodes in the chain aside from the ones they’re taking information from and passing information to and., just to be on the safe side, each hop along the way gets a whole new set of encryption keys.

Whoa! That’s very secure!

“The idea is similar to using a twisty, hard-to-follow route in order to throw off somebody who is tailing you—and then periodically erasing your footprints,” explains the Tor website. All the hip-hopping makes for a very secure (yet very slow) browsing experience, assuming you’re smart about your usage habits. It’s also great for bypassing government firewalls.

Tor’s “onion-routing” technology also enables the creation of “hidden services,” or websites that can also hide their server identity from its users and are only accessible while using Tor. This extreme level of anonymity makes the so-called “Onionland” darknet a haven—not only for seedy types, but also for people who want (or need) to stay anonymous, such as political dissidents and whistleblowers—the type of people who may have relied on Lavabit and Silent Mail previously.

Perhaps not the best group of people to be associated with but you will never know them any way.


Why does this scare the bejesus out of me?

I think the road to Hell on Earth is paved by information technology companies. Look at this and tell me what possible good can come from your interactions with federal agencies through social media and the analysis thereof: (It’s 1984 in birth pangs)

More than a Hashtag: Using Social Media to Achieve Mission Goals

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Today, federal agencies face significant challenges in increasing their operational effectiveness while reducing costs. The explosive growth of social media creates both greater challenges and significant opportunities for federal agencies and service branches. The sheer volume of information produced in social media both within and outside of agencies often prevents these agencies from using the “big data” generated by social media and obscures the valuable insights that social media analysis can bring.

How can your federal agency best take advantage of social media analytics and tools? Join us for this important webcast as we discuss:

How to use social media analytics to reduce mission costs
Why social media can streamline your agency mission
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Thursday, August 29, 2013
2:00 PM EDT
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Ed Weber
Federal Product Manager
IBM Business Analytics

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Black leaders control narrative of Trayvon Martin

Think about it.

Rev. Al Sharpton:


Trayvon Martin committed no crime,” he said shortly after the incident. “He had no weapon, and he had every legal right to be where he was. The rush to judgment was those that moved against him, said he was suspicious and took his life.”


“Trayvon Martin’s family lawyer called me to get involved because justice was not taking its course,” Rev. Al said. “George Zimmerman needed to be arrested, the evidence supported that.”

He added, “I did not come to Florida after talking to Sybrina and Tracey to convict Zimmerman. I came to say what is good for one is good for all. Black, white, gay, straight, young and old, the same standards of justice should be applied to everyone.”


The acquittal of George Zimmerman is a slap in the face to the American people but it is only the first round in the pursuit of justice. We intend to ask the Department of Justice to move forward as they did in the Rodney King case and we will closely monitor the civil case against Mr. Zimmerman.


But even in an age of rapidly eroding boundaries between reporters and commentators, Sharpton’s multitasking stands out. A veteran champion of issues involving African Americans — from the discredited claims of Tawana Brawley to the vindication of Amadou Diallo — Sharpton helped draw national attention to Martin’s shooting last year by leading a rally in Sanford, Fla., to demand Zimmerman’s arrest. He has helped raise money for the Martin family. And he has used his nightly TV show, “PoliticsNation,” as a forum to advocate on their behalf.

Sharpton’s immersion in the story — unthinkable for a network-news figure even a few years ago — has raised questions for MSNBC and its parent, NBC News. Among them: Is Sharpton, and MSNBC, helping to create some of the very news MSNBC is covering?


Sharpton’s involvement in the Martin story is striking, too, in light of MSNBC’s own actions against its morning host, Joe Scarborough, and former host Keith Olbermann in late 2010. Both men were briefly suspended after the disclosure that they had made a series of small political donations.


“The probable cause is that you have the dead body of an unarmed person and there was no crime and there was no reason the police could determine at the scene. That’s probable cause. Otherwise, anyone in this country could be shot and killed and the police could just decide in the police station, ‘We’ll decide whether they go or not.’ That’s a dangerous precedent, wouldn’t you think so Attorney O’Mara?”


Geraldo Rivera on Friday blamed Rev. Al Sharpton for George Zimmerman being charged with Trayvon Martin’s murder.

“This was a case brought because of political pressure, race politics in this country,” Rivera said on “Fox and Friends.” “I hate to say it — I hold Reverend Al Sharpton in much higher regard than many of my colleagues…I strongly believe that the Reverend Al is the catalyst behind the murder two charge six weeks after the incident. I believe that the original prosecutor got it right, I think it is a self-defense situation…that should have been the charge — manslaughter — at best if any charge was going to be brought.”


It was hardly surprising that he flew to Sanford, Florida last week and addressed a protest rally over the 17-year-old boy’s death. He also met with Trayvon’s parents and accompanied them to a meeting with Justice Department officials. Sharpton is, in short, a partisan who is helping to represent the family against the shooter, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman.

Around 5 p.m. at the rally last Thursday, Sharpton bellowed: “We came for permanent justice.  Arrest Zimmerman now!  That’s what this rally is about.”

At 6 p.m., Sharpton hosted his MSNBC show, Politics Nation. His guests were the slain teenager’s parents. Here’s how he opened the show:

“Nearly a month ago, a tragedy took place just beyond the gates behind me.  Earlier today, Trayvon’s parents, attorney and I met with the Justice Department here.  And later tonight, we rally for justice for Trayvon.”

   About an hour after that, Sharpton was addressing the rally again. He appealed for funds: “I want us to to get some money out. I want some of you business types, some of you preachers…And now, I’m going to start off with twenty five hundred dollars,” he said, holding up a check.

“Trayvon represents a reckless disregard for our lives that we’ve seen too long.  And we’ve come to tell you tonight: enough is enough.”

And finally:


On his MSNBC program on Tuesday, Al Sharpton told viewers about the rallies being planned to protest George Zimmerman’s acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges in the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. “I’ve said from the beginning we must pursue [this] until the end,” declared Sharpton, adding, “We’ll be in 100 cities on Saturday.”

Sharpton certainly knew whereof he spoke. The “Justice for Trayvon” rallies, after all, are being organized by Sharpton himself through the organization he heads, the National Action Network.

Earlier in the day, Sharpton led a group of ministers to the doors of the Justice Department in Washington to demand that Zimmerman be charged with violating Martin’s civil rights. The story got wide coverage online and on TV.

Rev. Al Sharpton has consistently shaped the narrative that Trayvon Martin was not killed by George Zimmerman defending himself but by some unknown racial or civil rights injustice that a black youth was killed by a watchmen.

Using the bully pulpit provided by MSNBC, Rev. Al Sharpton will not be reprimanded by MSNBC as others were. He will be given some favored status and escape unscathed.

Why am I not surprised?

Sowell Speaks…


The political perversion of the criminal justice system began early and at the top, with the President of the United States. Unlike other public officials who decline to comment on criminal cases that have not yet been tried in court, Barack Obama chose to say, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

It was a clever way to play the race card, as he had done before, when Professor Henry Louis Gates of Harvard was arrested.

But it did not stop there. After the local police in Florida found insufficient evidence to ask for Zimmerman to be prosecuted, the Obama administration sent Justice Department investigators to Sanford, Florida, and also used the taxpayers’ money to finance local activists who agitated for Zimmerman to be arrested.

Political intervention did not end with the federal government. The city manager in Sanford intervened to prevent the usual police procedures from being followed.

When the question arose of identifying the voice of whoever was calling for help during the confrontation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, the normal police procedure would have been to let individuals hear the recording separately, rather than have a whole family hear it together.

If you want to get each individual’s honest opinion, you don’t want that opinion to be influenced by others who are present, much less allow a group to coordinate what they are going to say.

When the city manager took this out of the hands of the police, and had Trayvon Martin’s family, plus Rachel Jeantel, all hear the recording together, that’s politics, not law.

You can read more about it here.

Texas Abortion Bill and Common Sense, if any

You all know the story by now: Texas woman legislator filibusters to prevent vote that would change abortion law in the state of Texas.

Which of the following did you take issue with in the law:

1. Abortions were not legal over the 20th week of pregnancy


2. This bill would have closed down all the abortion clinics in Texas save one.

If you are pro-life you supported number two over number one, if you were pro-choice you could live with number one but not number two.

Using the force of law to control human behavior is a problem. It is one thing to enact laws that punish people for acts they commit or laws that protect people from institutional harm but when one tries to use a law to control a person’s choices there is going to be a problem.

There is a moral universe that says aborting unborn children is immoral. There is also a moral universe that says it is immoral to make one carry a child to full term that one does not wish to have. And there is also the force of Law that says when one thing is acceptable and when the other is not. When the Law favors one universe over another then the law becomes immoral.

For society to exist in peace, ways must be found to live with each others morality and immorality. Legislators must find these ways, it is the responsibility they have in order to faithfully execute their offices.

In Texas, Governor Perry committed an immoral act by using the force of law to call for a special session of the Texas legislature to pass a law intended to control the behavior of others. He is a lesser person for doing this.

In Texas, state Senator Wendy Davis committed a moral act by defending her universe from the force of law that would control the behaviors of her universe. She is a greater person for doing this.

Today in America, it is two sides fighting to control your behaviors and/or the behaviors of your children. You must begin to take the side of agreement; not the side of compromise, agreement. And that agreement must be how to permit the morality and immorality of all to coexist at some level for the sake of a good society.

We talk about a national debate but there is no such thing. There is news. My million dollar idea is to support public debates on national topics. Are you in? “A National Debate of Reasonable Citizens on the Topic of…”

And Governor Perry is working on making himself a smaller man still by calling for a second special issue to take up the Texas abortion bill again.