Reasonable Citizen Update

For a while, I lost faith that my words and my opinion mattered in society. I believed nobody cared about truth, and nobody cared about being morally right. Lies are routinely published by both political parties and accepted by millions of people.

I was dejected and felt abandoned. Did anyone care about American politics anymore?

Fast forward to today. I have been hanging out with people who talk about politics, know politicians personally, and care about what is right and wrong with American politics. My faith in Reasonable Citizens is restored.

Freedom. Responsibility. Choice. This is the three-legged stool that a Reasonable Citizen sits upon when contemplating government actions.

Reasonable Citizens believe they have the Freedom to choose without being manipulated. Freedom is like a free-running stream that accepts the flow of all choices. Like minerals in a stream, the weight and gravity of your personal choice will either settle to the bottom for you to collect as a benefit, or it will continue along in the stream for another person’s benefit. I hope you follow that analogy. Ripples in the stream of Freedom are as natural as can be.

By Responsibility, I mean personal responsibility to adhere to moral components and obligations, to accept the requirements and demands of one’s choice, and then to take individual action for a positive outcome. Responsibility is not blaming others for the outcome of one’s choice. Responsibility is accepting the lessons your choice teaches you and improving the result.

Choice. Perhaps the most important. Reasonable Citizens believe government should not manipulate the process to limit the number of options available. Government should expand the number of choices available without creating so many that anarchy or chaos results. People who make different personal choices from you and I should not be charged with a crime.

My hope is you will follow ReasonableCitizen and comment as often as possible. A new journey has begun.

Travel with me, my friend. I could use your company.