The Un-Civil War and American Socialism?

It seems like the big fear being tossed out by the Republican Party is that America is becoming socialistic and that OUR country is in peril as a result. But, excuse me for asking, if you are a working person, what is it that bothers you? Of course, Heaven forbid, that we become a one-party Marxist-Leninist state like Russia or China in which the ruling party claims to know what everyone needs or wants and then imposes that upon you. (You know, like the current Republican and the current Democrat political parties in the US.)

But other than the Big Three Marxist countries, what’s is so terribly wrong with being a truck driver, construction worker, or office worker in Canada and Germany? Or a business owner, fisherman, or farmer in seven of the ten countries listed there? Hmm?

I don’t want to live in a socialist country where the government enforces a moral code or political philosophy by sending ordinary citizens to jail who have not committed person-to-person crimes.

And yet, would I take a gun to Washington DC tomorrow to ensure that Republican Party or Democrat Party rules America? Nope. Neither one of them has my best interests at heart. Both want to control me to do what they want me to do and to prevent me from living my life free of their will.

So why do I keep reading about people who think Civil War is coming? What things are so bad that we worker-bees must change our federal government by “taking control?”

I’m thinking we are really looking at a fight between city mouse and country mouse.

Those large cities with thousands of people per square mile on one side and those rural towns and villages with less than a hundred people per square mile on the other side are the issue. Of course, there are more freedoms in the country than in the city. Of course, there are more rules in the big city than in the small towns across America.

Size matters when it comes to political philosophy. If you live in a large city, somebody owns every building, every business, every blade of grass, and in some cases, even the sunlight and shadow that falls on the ground is owned or managed by the government. All your noises are man-made and nature cannot be found anywhere. Do you want to be exploited by those who own these things or do you want to feel safe from exploitation? If you want safety from those who control YOUR resources (food, shelter, clothing, etc) then there is an appeal to having a Big Brother government looking out for you. The last thing you want is to become somebody else’s prey in the concrete jungle.

And, of course, if you live in an area with less than a hundred people per square mile, you don’t want a big city, big businesses, the big government imposing their will upon your life and lifestyle. You don’t want to end up like the people in the big city and be imposed upon by everyone. You see big cities as a problem to avoid and you wish to retain your freedom.

And yet, we have people who believe that Civil War will somehow “fix” what ails America. Wars don’t fix anything. They break things and keep breaking things until there is nothing left to break and then Wars finally stop.

What we need is different laws for big cities and for rural America but it is unlikely you will hear either Party talk about that.

To Republican and Democrat Parties, one size (their size) fits all.

We don’t need compromise. We need collaboration to take care of Americans in big cities and in rural towns. We already have socialism, some Party IN GOVERNMENT is imposing their will upon Americans all the time.

We need collaboration in America. Not Civil War. Let’s work towards that and see what happens.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

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