The Cyber Ninja Claim on Maricopa County’s “extra” ballots

The Cyber Ninja Arizona Claim:

“As preliminary findings of the historic Maricopa County audit reveal substantial evidence of fraud during the 2020 presidential election, potentially altering the state’s certified results from a Joe Biden to Donald Trump victory, Americans may finally be getting answers to what really happened in November 2020, gaining information that cannot be decried a “conspiracy theory.”

“On Thursday, Arizona Senate president Karen Fann held a Senate hearing — which not one mainstream media outlet covered — to provide an update on the months-long review of the roughly 2.1 million ballots cast in the state’s largest county.

“Accompanied by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen, Fann was issued reports during the nearly two-hour, live-streamed meeting by Ken Bennett, former Arizona secretary of state and Senate liaison for the audit, cybersecurity expert and CyFIR founder Ben Cotton, and Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan.

 Evidence presented outlined widespread discrepancies in ballot batch counts, as well as the mislabeling and mismanagement of ballot storage, including cut seals that were intended to ensure the validity of ballot batches. In addition, hundreds of mail-in ballots lack a chain of custody, images of envelopes with verifiable signatures are missing, and more than 74,000 counted mail-in ballots have “no evidence of ever being sent.”

There is no evidence of fraud in the Cyber Ninja review of the Arizona “Forensic Analysis. The fourth paragraph makes it very clear.   


In regards to the claim that “…and more than 74,000 counted mail-in ballots have “no evidence of ever being sent” , this website says  :” “Maricopa County addressed this claim on its Twitter page, stating that Cyber Ninjas appears to be looking at all early votes in making this claim. The Maricopa County Twitter statement says early voting can happen in two ways: People can either vote by mail or vote in person. People who vote at centers are given ballots there, meaning that the total of early votes could be greater than the number of ballots mailed out.“The county wrote: “This is not a new practice, so it’s not unusual that we would have more early votes than mail-in ballots sent.”

Later Maricopa County provided the actual results:

“FACTS: @maricopavote calculated the true number of requests and returns:
REQUESTS = 2,364,426
RETURNS = 1,918,024

So where is this alleged 74,000 vote gap given these results?

 There are other websites that make this same point:

A more definitive explanation is provided by an ABC New Analyst:

“ Logan’s suggestion of some sort of unsolved mystery was definitively debunked by Garrett Archer, an election analyst at ABC15 television in Phoenix and a former official in the Arizona secretary of state’s office, who is known locally and on Twitter for his mastery of the state’s elections data.

“Archer explained that the county stops updating the requested-ballots list, known as “EV32,” after the last day people can request a mail ballot, October 23. So ballots cast in person after October 23, Archer said, were included on the submitted-ballots list, known as “EV33,” but did not have a corresponding item on the “EV32” requested-ballots list.

Archer analyzed the files and found that there were 74,241 ballots on the submitted-ballots list without a corresponding entry on the requested-ballots list — nearly identical to the figure Logan cited, “74,243.” But Archer found that more than 99.9% of the ballots in question were recorded in the submitted-ballots list on October 26 or later.

That is in line with the October 23 cut-off date Archer had previously noted for the requested-ballots list. “

There were other false claims made by Cyber Ninjas:

Perhaps the best all-around information can be found on Wikipedia:

Conclusion: There are two things that are clear to me: a) there should be more enforcement controls over the chain of custody on paper ballots but lack of enforcement does not imply there was cheating, and b) Cyber Ninjas do not know nor understand the Arizona election and ballot counting process.

There is no evidence of fraud in the count and re-count of Maricopa County ballots and there is no evidence of ballot forgery.

I also want to make this point:

In 2016, Donald Trump won Maricopa County with 747,301 votes to Hilary Clinton’s 702,907 votes.

In 2020, Donald Trump lost Maricopa County with 1,661,686 votes to Joe Biden’s 1.672,142 votes.

The Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns of both parties AND the lawful election processes put in place during the pandemic caused both parties to benefit from the adapted election process.

Maricopa County is also establishing a website to explain and, if necessary, refute the claims made by Cyber Ninjas from their forensic analysis of the election process in Maricopa County. Here’s the website if you want to learn what you do not know.