Biden, Biden, Biden…

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…sheesh…

You are going to have to choose between the Biden Crime Family and the Trump Crime Family. (oops, you already did…)

This drumbeat is getting on my nerves. Biden met with a Ukraine official who employed Hunter Biden. OMG! The Horror! It has never happened before in history that a sitting VP met a family member’s colleague, boss, or shoestring relative.

In the meantime President Donald Trump had his family living at the White House so his son’s and daughter’s guests can accidentally meet the President and… nobody cares who drinks Republican KoolAid.

Protected by the mainstream media, Biden avoids all law enforcement.

Poor Trump, he is a saint. He is not crooked at all. So say they all…

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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