AZ “Recount”

If you ever needed proof that American Democracy has become a forum for special interests rather than an all-citizen-participatory-of-the-people-by-the-people-for-the-people government, look no further than the AZ Recount in Maricopa County, Arizona.

While this recount was initially disguised as a Republican legislature investigation to prove the election process was not adulterated or fraudulent, it can now be asserted that it is a Republican Party initiative to determine how to invalidate future elections.

First, this so-called legislative recount is actually a forensic analysis to learn the hardware and software secrets of voting machine manufacturers. The company Cyber Ninjas have no experience in recounting ballots. They are experienced in analyzing software and they will gain a wealth of information on how to crack the software of every Dominion Voting Systemt used in the world. They have not found any fault with the software or hardware that produces the results so they have turned their attention to the servers and routers used by the software.

After holding all of the databases in their possession for two months now, they have suddenly discovered that data has been deleted from Drive D. This is asinine. The first thing done in any computer forensics is to make a copy of the original data and inventory it for content. Obviously, CyberNinjas weren’t looking to protect the data in their possession. They are accusing election officials of deleting the information because somebody wiped the data at CyberNinja. By accident or on purpose, they have found a way to cast suspicion on the Arizona Election process which had been vindicated in two prior audits.

Second, the funds to pay for this “recount” is all coming from private donations except for $150,000 allocated by the Arizona legislature which is run by Republicans. This is a multi-million dollar effort being funded by Republican Party donors. This makes the AZ Republican legislature a tool to formally authorize and disguise this effort as a legislative investigation. The donors are from outside of Arizona. Their purpose cannot be honorably related to simply recounting what has been recounted twice before.

If you are not afraid of a political party examining how the voting systems work that are used around the world, you should be.

Third, not satisfied with examining only the Presidential election results in AZ, there is a push to use the CyberNinjas to analyze all election results in AZ.

When will the news media get wise to what is happening. The Republican Party seeks to undetmine the election process in the USA to serve its purpose of becoming a one-party “democracy” under Donald Trump in 2024.