Cyber Ninjas and NDAs

Hmm..thinking about the AZ recount, which really isn’t about recounting the ballots but is really a forensic analysis of Dominion Voting software. Yes, Cyber Ninjas is going to count the ballots but the real issue here is learning the secrets of Dominion Software .

Have you read Dominion’s statement?

It seems to me CyberNinjas is in an incredible position to learn HOW to hack Dominion Voting Systems AND to figure out how to create malware to infect all Dominion Voting Software everywhere.

Wouldn’t a certain former President just love to have that information?

But I am not the sharpest knife in the kitchen so I suppose the CIA, FBI, NSC, and international spies are all trying to figure out how to hack the vote, too. This makes CyberNinjas a good target for everyone.

In the case of Arizona, they will have to purchase all new equipment and software in order to feel the election process is safe again. Will they feel safe with Dominion again after all of this?

Would you?

So now instead of Watergate tomfoolery, we have Desertgate enabled by the AZ Republican Party. Hey, a break-in is still a break-in even if one uses the force of law to get ‘er done!

And when Cyber Ninja’s is all done and they find nothing, are you going to believe them? Are you going to believe them when they say they say they did find something? Not me. But the more confusion, the better, if you want to destroy confidence in Democracy and voting.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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