Arizona Recount

Photo at the AZ Recount from NBC news. See link.

In my view, the Republicans are simply trying out a few cheating techniques themselves to learn what is possible for them to use next time.

What the Republican legislatures have not learned is that their BIG DOG attitudes get in the way of excellence. Sure they can bark and they can bite but who wants to watch their act of barking and biting on a local or national stage?

Bring on the experts, the specialists who know what the hell they are doing.

Right now , the Republican Party looks and acts like a GP family doctor while the body politic needs a specialist. We need a party that is competent in all things..not just barking and biting.

Even other Republicans recognize the amateur behaviors of the Republican Party. Removing Liz Cheney with tons of experience and wisdom for a first-term millenial legislator named Elise Stefanik…well, can you say “sycophant”? Or puppet?

Enthusiasm never beats experience. Froth always fails.