The Arizona Elections Debacle

In a unique way to undermine the state’s election process, the Arizona Republican legislature has gone to court to conduct its own ballot count. Instead of setting up a Commission to investigate the policies and procedures the election laws require, the Rerpublicans have turned it over to a cyber security firm to perform a recount.

The cyber security firm known as Cyber Ninja’s have somehow convinced the Arizona legislature that they know enough about the election laws of Arizona to perform recount. Sadly, we are learning more every day that they do not.

Those who are knowledgeable are beginning to make accusations that the law has already been violated in terms of securing the ballots and in using unapproved inks to mark ballots. Only inks that cannot be recognized by ballot counting machines can be used. But Cyber Ninjas learned they were using the wrong ink pens. So now they have adulterated some unknown number of ballots with ink the ballot counting machines may theow out those votes. Did Cyber Ninja change the vote count because of this? We don’t know yet.

The Republican Party is throwing feces all over the battleground voting states they lost and no feces at the always-Republican, always-Democrat voting states.

Invalidating a federal election through a poltical party process should be a warning to everyone.

At the moment, the Republican Party is saying that common folk are not allowed to vote like everyone else, that the people in government are corrupting the election process , and that the elections officials in Democrat-voting battleground states are incompetent or are corrupt.

In its arrogance, the Republican Party seeks to undermine confidence in elections. Their purpose is simple: to eliminate all barriers to Republican rule over American politics. They seek to control the levers of power to acheive the elimination of all political competition.

Fascism is at the door. The enemy is in the House.