When Politicians become Salespeople…

Once upon a time two political parties chose specific topics facing the country and developed ideas on how to approach those topics in a mature and measured way. Within those parties were hardliner and moderate politicians who supported some but not all of their political party positions.

That’s all changed now.

Today, politicians are measured on how well they “sell” the party positions to a) their base b) other Americans and c) rest of world. Like bad salesmen everywhere, the current politicians demean and degrade their opposition in order to make their “product” look better.

And you can’t call the political party and complain about your bad salesperson or the other guy’s bad salesperson. I mean, you can but it is fruitless. Due to the cost of political campaigns, politicians are “bought” by their political party and then indoctrinated to the party line. Like a Communist Party Boss, the leaders of each Party make their politicians toe the party line.

Who brought communist political tactics to the American government?

I don’t know. I can tell you in the House it was after Tip O’Neil. Maybe Newt Gingrich and John Boehner had a hand in this but I’m not really sure.

In the Senate, it was Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell who appear to have done the most damage using partisanship tools.

All I know now is that if one side is for something, the other side is opposed.