Untethered… Sen. Ron Johnson

The once-good US Senator Ron Johnson has lost his tether to Mother Earth and is floating on the winds of conspiracy and fear of black-people.

So far in 2021, Sen Johnson believes the election was stolen, that ALL the rabble rousers on Jan 6th were government-loving patriots, and that BLM protesters are something to be feared.

Does this Senator read the news or look at the internet? I don’t think so.


Now he says he was never afraid of the Capitol Hill invaders because they were all patriots but if they had been BLM protesting police brutality, well by God, he would have been afraid of them.

Something is in the Congressional water that is making every Democrat and every Republican become rabid extremists. The only people safe from delusional thinking are those drinking bottled water.

This should be investigated. Someone is dumping pyshoactive chemicals into the potable water on Capitol Hill. It’s the only explanation.

I guess I have two conspiracies now.

Stop talking sex with women!…?…~o~

There’s no more touching, no more sexual flirting, no more physical expression, involving a single man who finds a single woman attractive. Not even once! Even”testing the waters” isn’t permitted. You know, when you touch a woman’s arm or back or hand on purpose to see if she accepts it or politely pulls away from you.

Although people are supposed “to be who you really are”, you, as a man, are not supposed to be the initiator of anything romantic. “Being who you really are” is more about being a pain in the ass or being sassy or opinionated or in your face or expressing your gender forcefully to people who offend you.

The only acceptable male-female communication permtted right now is eye-flirting with your mask on. At least, I think it is acceptable, considering how many women appear to have eye-flirted with me over the past year. Ok, maybe I’m reading it wrong. Maybe they were just smiling at me but I like to think they weren’t. At my age, I’ll happily accept an eyeflirt.

But here is Governor Cuomo. Single, good looking, money, power, and without a romantic partner. Shoud he join a dating service to find a partner? How would that look in the newspaper? Should he find a NY matchmaker to be his go-between? How about he hires escorts? (Ha! that got another NY governor in trouble, Elliott Spitzer, when it became public.)

Exactly how should a single political man look for companionship?

OMG, Cuomo asked a woman for a kiss…he asked…and now he is a pariah for expressing his peacock-iness in public venues? He isn’t chasing his secretary around a conference table or acting all “Jeffrey Toobin” or “Anthony Weiner”. He is polite, he is direct, and as near as I can tell, the man takes “no” for an answer. Absent a “no” answer, he tries again.

And this is sexual harassment in 2021. He tries again for a date or a hook-up. Sexual harassment?

Should he proffer a woman his social card to see if she wishes to have a date with him? Something Victorian or Edwardian in nature? Should he simply wait and then date any woman who asks him out to dinner?

I have three daughters in the work place and I want to protect them at all times from the Lotharios that run amuck in professional offices. And I am fairly certain men have made overtures “testing the waters” for a relationship. All three of ny daughters have situational awareness and they are confident in their own skin as well. I don’t expect they had a problem telling bad men where to go or what to do.

I want to be au courant and be offended by Gov Cuomo’s overtures to women but I just can’t. And to attack Gov. Cuomo for sexual harrassment seems over the top. But maybe there is more to this than I know. But until I know more, I lean to defending Gov. Cuomo.

Am I a Neanderthal or bad man for thinking Cuomo did nothing wrong?