Social Hypochondria

I admit I still have a vestige of social hypochondria. COVID, Trump, Red vs Blue, robots, budget deficits, police brutality, Children of the Corn (hehehe), zombie vaccinations, etc.

Slate Magazine: Social hypochondria: “As a society, we always seem to be obsessing about some problem like teen-age drinking or child abuse or immigration or cloning, convinced that it will destroy the country or the world unless it is eliminated. The hypochondria analogy isn’t perfect: These diseases tend to be real, not wholly imagined. But a) their perils are exaggerated—at least until they are put aside to make room for other perils; and b) the hope of ever curing them is also exaggerated.”

There is no cure. But how do we discourage decent people from believing all the social media things they encounter?

Truth helps but it is always a complicated truth and, frankly, not everyone is cut out to ferret truth from lies. There are experts out there who find a hot button issue and begin to infect society with an exaggerrated fear. How can a regular person decide if “global warming” deserves all the hyperbole written about it? Or police brutality? Or Aliens in the Arctic?

And yet, ignoring threats isn’t wise either.

Open to your thoughts…

Much ado about nothing… now

I’m done with all the hyperbole from social and news media about COVID.

I’ve been disappointed by the lack of adult response by politicians and public health officials for almost a year. My hope is that everyone just shuts up and lets the foolish be foolish and go on about your business to do what is right for you and your family.

If you don’t want to wear a mask in a crowded bar and insist on sucking in COVID virus from strangers, good for you. If you want to wear a mask while you jog in the country and the nearest person is 2 miles away, good for you. Just shut up about it.

The milk was spilt a year ago. Stop crying about the number of public deaths. The Anti-virus manufactures have done their part. The healthcare workers have done theirs, too. President Biden has done his part.

The solution is in hand.

Stop the dramatics.

The Armistice is inked. The War is over. Inform everyone and let the clean-up begin.