Can you trust the data?

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.


Can you trust ANY of the national data numbers on COVID?

Florida fires the woman who reports that the Governor wants her to change the numbers.

Cuomo is accused of not reporting the nursing home infections and death rates in NYC. “The state’s public death toll for nursing homes does not include residents who died from the coronavirus after having been transferred to hospitals, only deaths that occurred at facilities. Attorney General Letitia James’ report examined 62 nursing homes — about 10 percent of the state’s total — and found that New York’s approach left a large number of hospital deaths out of the state’s official nursing home death toll.”

Plus this about vaccines….

The vaccine data system for which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded Deloitte a no-bid contract in November is “plagued by problems and abandoned by most states,” according to the MIT Technology Review. “A lack of flexibility has become a block for many clinics trying to use the CDC system. This has led to confusion, and difficulty in keeping patients properly informed,” said the report. Also, “the explanation for how Deloitte could be the only approved source for a product like [the Vaccine Administration Management System,] despite having no direct experience in the field, comes down to onerous federal contracting requirements, [Hana Schank, director of strategy for public-interest technology at the think tank New America,] says.

Plus this!

“Behind the (data) crisis lies a difficult reality: Covid-19 data in the US—in fact, almost all public health data—is chaotic: not one pipe, but a tangle. If the nation had a single, seamless system for collecting, storing, and analyzing health data, HHS and the Coronavirus Task Force would have had a much harder time prying the CDC’s Covid-19 data loose. Not having a comprehensive system made the HHS move possible, and however well or badly the department handles the data it will now receive, the lack of a comprehensive data system is harming the US coronavirus response.”

What is truth when the politicians and the ignorant corrupt the process?