Rep. Marjorie Greene explains why she was looney the previous ten years but now she is different.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, 47-year-old business woman, conspiracy article author, and hard-right Republican supporter explains how confused she was by the world for the past ten years in a 10-minute speech in Congress. No one explained the truth of things to her over the past ten years or so and she got caught up in the lies on the internet. While she does not apologize for her actions, she would like everyone to know that she no longer believes any of the stuff she said in the 59 articles she wrote when she was 44 years old.

She says she discovered former-President Donald Trump in 2016 and her life changed. He was a politician she could admire.

“Beginning in 2017, Greene authored 59 articles as a “correspondent” for the now-defunct “American Truth Seekers,” a conspiracy news website, [6] and beginning in January 2018, 27 articles for Law Enforcement Today, a website that bills itself as “unapologetically in support of those who hold the Thin Blue Line.”[27]” -Wikipedia

I encourage you to watch the video as she tells YOU what is wrong with America …without apologizing for wanting to kill Democrats or any of the other crazy things she supported two-three years ago.