Hunter Biden and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

If you are a Republican, you are absolutely appalled that Hunter Biden got paid $5m by a foreign government but you are very comfortable with a blonde white woman who adores Donald Trump, wants to shoot Nancy Pelosi in the head, has made racist, anti-semitic remarks, thinks school shootings were false flag operations, and well, everything else this man says below.

And keeping this woman in Congress is important to the Republican Party. Sheesh.

Tell me again about the moral values of Trump-ian Republicans. I know most Conservatives do not like this woman but they accept the tolerance that Republican leadership extends to her intolerance.

Mitch McConnell has expressed his opinion of her looney theories.

The Democrat leadership is trying to keep her out of all committee meetings and they might have a point. Of course, it is best if she resigns but the Republican House leadership wants her to stay.

This is the Party of Trump and there is nothing Conservative about it.