What do Trump Republicans Stand For?

It is easy to know what Trump Republicans stand against because it is pushed into one’s face every day just like James Cagney pushing a grapefruit into Mae Clark’s face in the movie The Public Enemy.

Trump Republicans are against climate change, against new taxes, against healthcare for the masses, against expanded immigration, against government regulation, against abortion, against public education, and against improving the lives of human beings through government action.

But what are Trumpian Republicans for? It is difficult to find Trump Republican initiatives that reduce human misery or improve the condition of mankind. Trump Republicans appear to prefer doing nothing rather than doing something. Unless, of course, it’s draining the swamp of people who think differently than they do.

There is this unmistakable and unshakeable belief that personal effort will overcome all odds and only those who succeed are worthy of success. Everyone else is unworthy of life’s benefits regardless of obstacles, physical or emotional conditions. If the deck is stacked against someone, then they must play the hand they are dealt. It is either God’s Will it should happen to someone or it is a failure of someone’s personal efforts to overcome their condition.

“Sucks to be you” seems to be the mantra of Trump Republicans. This seems to be the response to police brutality when it happens to black Americans. “Sucks to be you” is the do-nothing pandemic public health care policy of the US for the past year under former President Trump.

They believe so strongly they are correct that they can’t accept the fact that people voted for someone other than Trump.

I don’t believe all Conservatives feel this way but the Trump Republicans appear to live by this model.

What do you think?

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping, www.reasonablecitizen.com

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