Breathless and incredulous down home indignation…

I don’t know if there is hope for the Republican Party anymore. I’d like to see the old Republican Party back but these Trumpians are getting all the attention in the *cough* Conservative news media. I prefer the traditional Republicans.

The Trumpians can tell more lies and half-truths in a shorter time than anyone can rebut. And they tell these lies with such breathless incredulity that you think there might actually be something offensive about the topic.

Here’s a good example of Trumpian propaganda expressed with disdain and incredulity:

So let me unpack some of the lies and untruths expressed by Senator Backburn. Caution: It will take you longer to read what I wrote than to watch the video.

Of the 42 Executive Orders (which is a lot!) signed by Biden, 13 of those reversed Executive Orders issued by former President Trump. You can see the list here if you like:

By category, there were 14 Executive Orders about the COVID virus and only one of them reversed a Trump Exec Order. (You know the one. The one in which President Trump quit the WHO organization.) The other 13 were actions related to developing and managing a cogent COVID plan for the country. If former President Trump has done this those 14 orders, Biden COVID actions would not have been necessary. And an additional two Exec orders were about opening healthcare enrollment for another month for people who might need it.

Five Exec Orders were about the COVID Economy and Stimulus and Housing actions.

Five were about the Environment to put America back on a scientific footing again.

Categorized as Equity, there were six Exec Orders to ensure equitable treatment by the US government for ethnicity and gender. None of them were about blacks in America. Not preferential treatment for anyone but equitable treatment towards everyone. Republicans only recognize male and female sexual organs as gender and they do not recognize the role of the brain in determining gender identity. But then, they don’t feel good about science when it conflicts with their established beliefs. This is why they are Conservatives by nature. It’s in their DNA to be Conservative (though they don’t know it) plus they think liberals are perverted when in reality liberals just have liberal genes. This is why they are liberals. It’s in their DNA.

Five Exec Orders were about immigration and three of them reversed former President Trumps Executive Orders.

One Exec Order dealt with the Census. Trump didn’t want to count illegals in the census. When you know that federal dollars and support are allocated for human needs like food, shelter, and clothing, you can see that by NOT counting illegal aliens, federal support would not have supported the demand for human services. If you don’t care about human beings who are not Americans, then you are just fine with human misery other than your own.

And one Exec Order dealt with recognizing the independence of the Department of Justice.

Knowing this, is 42 an excessive amount? Yes. Was it justified? I think so. The ship of state was headed for a reef and only a sharp LEFT rudder could avoid the damage that Trump was doing.

So let’s see what Senator Washburn alleges:

  1. “Giving favors to China by restricting our freedoms”- What freedoms were restricted by these Exec Orders? None. No evidence that OUR freedoms (yours and mine) have been restricted and NONE of these dealt with China at all. Even the pipeline project is about delivering CANADIAN OIL to US refineries. Has nothing to do with China at all. I am also sure that CHINA does not benefit from America’s freedom from COVID or the Stimulus plan for American businesses and citizens.
  2. “Joe the job killer”- As I said on my FB page, NONE of the existing permits have been cancelled. Future jobs in building the pipeline are at risk by President’s actions. The pipeline is already built from the American border to Steele City, Nebraska where the oil will be transferred to more existing oil pipelines. What you need to know is that there is already a Keystone Pipeline in place that avoids the Ogallala aquifer. ( The XL Keystone pipeline is Phase 4 creates a short cut to go over/through the aquifer. The first three phases ALREADY deliver Canadian oil to US refineries all the way down to Texas. Yes, there are environmental concerns about fouling the Ogallala aquifer. Of course,this isn’t the first oil pipeline in the US. You are welcome to read the list of gas and of oil pipeline accidents and analyze it for risks to the environment. ( Until I wrote this paragraph, I never knew there was an existing pipeline in place AND that this was merely a short cut to pump more oil into the US than they already do. It appears there is no need for a second pipeline. So now I am opposed to the XL pipeline that I once supported. And it appears that Senator Blackburn should be aware that the refineries in Texas have plenty of Canadian oil to crack already. So it appears to me that if MORE capacity is needed, that a second parallel pipeline to the first is the appropriate thing to do. A renewal of permits should be easier to obtain, yes?
  3. Climate change and the Paris Accords- It is likely you understand that turning raw materials into finished product pumps toxic fumes and debris into the air. Most of the legislation to date has involved adding scrubbers to smoke stacks and using cleaner fuels in the production process. The Paris accords simply has countries agree to a reduction of toxins emitted into the air. Every country can set their own targets. Every country reports their efforts. Whether you support the Paris accords depends upon how much you like fresh air and hate acid rain. It really is that simple. If you don’t care about fresh air for the planet, then you are against it. If you think no one should do anything about it, then you are against it. If you think we are stewards of the earth, you support it. If you leave no trace when you camp, then you likely support the Paris Accords. If you leave your campsite a mess for someone else to clean up, you are likely opposed to the Paris Accords.
  4. “Raising the minimum wage to $15/hr”- This is complicated but who among you has ever turned down a wage increase? Not me. And yet, a direct result of wage increase is a) an increase in consumer prices or b) a reduction of employees. This is a terrible thing to do and yet Democrats can’t see the nose on their face. Raising wages will reduce both the number of jobs and the workers. Giving people a bigger piece of an ever-shrinking labor pie is no help at all. You can kiss retail jobs goodbye. Automated checkout and employee-less shopping is the future. This is a terrible Democrat idea.
  5. “affected 1 million jobs”- I have no clue how she came up with that number. She pulled it from someplace. I’d like to think someone did an analysis but she doesn’t say.
  6. “Opening the borders to drug cartels, to Labor gangs, to human traffickers, to sex traffickers, …you’ve got that crude up in Canada that is headed for China and sold back to the US…” WOW! That’s some serious allegations! Does anyone believe that BB (Before Biden) the borders were closed and drug cartels, etc, were stymied in how to get drugs into the US? I am not sure what a Labor gang is and I think there are plenty of trffickers already in the US. BUT it appears the Exec Orders about Muslims, immigration enforcement, children, and stopping a border wall NOT approved by Congress has something to do with criminal behavior that none of us know anything about. Besides, that is a fence and it is NOT a wall.
  7. And Driver Licenses issued by states to ensure people know how to drive a car are somehow a problem. Do you get in a huff when you hear that foreign nationals can get a regular valid US License? No state requires, let me re-state this, NO COUNTRY in the world requires that holders of a driver license must be a citizen. “Under current American law, all you need in order to drive in the U.S. is a valid driving license issued by your country if you will be in the U.S. for a maximum of 3 months. A foreign license to drive in the United States will be considered valid in 49 states, except for Georgia, which requires a US driver’s license for foreigners, known as an International Driving Permit (IDP). In every other state, your foreign driver’s license, together with your biometric passport for the U.S., are sufficient documentation for you to rent a car or in case you are stopped by the police.” So that means that as long as Mexicans, Guatemalans, Costa Ricans, Nicaraugans, Belizians, El Slavadorans, Hondurans, and Panamians have a valid Driver License from their country, they can drive legally in the US in 49 states. If they are staying longer than three months they must obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) and keep their country driver license active. So to summarize, only illegal aliens with invalid driver licenses in their home country are impacted by this driver license issue AND only the honest working illegal immigrants are punished if they can’t get one. Every one else will simply drive without a license. This includes the drug cartels, the Labor gangs, the human and sex traffickers mentioned earlier. Just like criminals don’t get gun permits, criminals don’t get licenses either.

So now you see the problem with lies and half-truths told by right-wing spokespeople. They are megaphones of propaganda to restrict/inhibit everyone, anyone, who is not like them. They spew their viewpoints and twist things up so you are offended by their target. In this case, the target is President Biden. And you are offended not by the truth of things, but you empathize with her “feelings” about being offended. You feel compassion for the injustice that she experiences because you also have had to face injustice that you could not overcome. That is the message presented to you and that is the message you absorbed.

By the way, only 15 states issue driver licenses specifically to illegal immigrants: “Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to allow unauthorized immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. These states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Washington—issue a license if an applicant provides certain documentation, such as a foreign birth certificate, foreign passport, or consular card and evidence of current residency in the state.”

You can read about it HERE.

From a decade ago…

We often talk about our foreign enemies but rarely talk about our domestic ones. In older history, we talked about nations that were our enemies, like Germany and Japan, but recently we began speaking of ideology as our enemy. Russians were not our enemy but Communism was/is and, by extension, the Soviet government was our enemy. Sen. Joe McCarthy clearly went after Communists within our government. Others went after Communists outside our government, as in the famous blacklisting of Hollywood actors and directors.

Today we further define ideologies into certain types. For example, we speak of fundamentalist Islam as our enemy but not religious Islam nor Arabs. We don’t talk about Iran as our enemy either but certainly we think that the extremist religious order of Iran is our enemy.

Bringing this a little closer to home, who are our domestic enemies? The Constitution has the President swear as follows:

 “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

As you can see, the President does not swear allegiance to anything, or anyone, other than the Constitution. Unfortunately, the current President, this alleged constitutional scholar, does not uphold the Constitution at all.

In another area, the military oath of enlistment extracts allegiance to the Constitution and to the President and superior officers along with affirmation of the UCMJ.

 “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

There is no allegiance to America or its principles within the professional duties of serving America. As citizens though, we pledge allegiance to the flag- that symbol of all that is America- and to the form of government that we live under.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Which brings me to my point about domestic enemies. Domestic enemies would encompass those who do not support the Constitution in word or deed, who do not bear true allegiance to same, who do not support our form of government, and/or do not support liberty and justice for all.

The major domestic enemies  then become:

1. Any President who asserts authority not granted by the Constitution.

2. Any Congress that asserts authority not granted by the Constitution.

3. Any Supreme Court that ignores the rights of individual or collective states (or persons) and establishes more authority for Congress and the President than plainly expressed in the Constitution.

4.  Federal and local law enforcement that commit unconstitutional and illegal acts while performing their duties.

5. People and organizations seeking to use the force of law over others for what they cannot achieve themselves by argument.

I think that are also a series of other influences that unwind the fabric of America although these factors may not be oath-recognized enemies:

6. Political parties that seek to raid the National Treasury instead of preserving it.

7.  An educational system that prefers advancing underachievers rather than developing excellence.

8. Groups and organizations that promote social justice first, with personal responsibility and freedom second.

9. News media that proselytize to stir emotions instead of promoting understanding.

10. Those who do not recognize that just societies, economic societies, and healthy societies are fundamentally based upon spiritual qualities: honesty, truth, integrity, self-discipline, love of oneself, respect for others, and acceptance of the immutable goodness and evilness existing within the body of mankind.

There is no congressionally declared war on America’s domestic enemies although America is consistently attacked and that is as it should be. But somehow, Americans should recognize that America is under attack and militiamen should come to her defense. Where is the George Washington of today to lead the militia to fight the domestic enemies of America?

A militia, not of weapons but of wisdom and tactics. A militia that marches not on its feet but on its principles of liberty and justice for all. A well-regulated militia, necessary to the security of a free state, that possesses an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and to the Republic, would have value today.

Where is such a militia?

The Coming(?) War in America

It is evident that the two political parties are at war with each other and both are executing scorched earth politics.

The Republicans accept Marjorie Taylor Greene into their Congressional caucus and she has said she wants to kill Nancy Pelosi. What kind of irresponsible behavior is that from Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Speaker of the House, who wants that kind of person in his Party? She is a nut job and McCarthy thinks she represents average American values?

And what the He77 is he thinking when HE TRAVELS to Florida to suck up to former Presdent Donald Trump?

And NOW, Trump is invited to a secret retreat of Republican donors to lay out his plan to change the election laws in the United States before the mid-term election process. ALREADY Arizona Republicans have submitted legislation that allows its state Legislature to over rule the election results

You can see that when you add this law it allows any political party to throw out the election results of its citizens and substitutes the political party make-up of its state legislature.

You should expect crazy legislation from Republicans that allow them to toss out election results or limit which ballots they will count. This is how Republicans cheat in the election. They prevent ballots from being counted and they gerrymander the districts.

Is gerrymandering successful? Yes, you only have to look at the election results of 2020 to see that while President Trump lost the vote, the Republicans picked up more seats in Congress. You can thank gerrymandering for those results.

Hang on to your tickets, my friends. You might be watching the rise of a fascist political party in the US who control the election results across the country for decades to come.