President Hulk

It occurs to me that Erasmus’ comment that “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” is never so more appropriate as it is today.

I was wondering why does Prez Trump think so highly of himself (the best brain brain, smartest guy in the room, etc) when there is so much evidence that he isn’t. And why is this pussy-grabbing, pissing on people, bankruptor of four businesses, bully, and humiliator, worshiped by millions of God-fearing moral and righteous people?

I think it’s because he manipulates those lesser than him and plays on their fears until they see him as the leader who will fight their enemies for them.

Surrounded by a complex world with problems not easily resolved, the average-ability American takes solace in that Donald Trump sees their enemy and is willing to fight their enemy on their behalf.

This is not an attack on average Americans. It is an acknowledgement that the world has become too complex for the average person to sort out good from evil, right from wrong, and moral high ground from the swamp of indecency.

Donald Trump is the one-eyed man who has been crowned king by the blind and good people in America.

The two-eyed good people of America are aghast that Donald Trump was elected and sees so little of a problem’s complexity. To them Donald Trump is the angry green monster shouting “Hulk Smash” and then destroying every thing in his sight.

When faced with a complex and confusing issue, he becomes angry and destroys people. With his words, with his actions, with his power.

Hulk Smash.

Hulk does not build.

Now President Hulk intends to smash the will of the people and the democracy that goes with it.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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