The Impersonal Pandemic

Almost a full year into the international pandemic and not enough people have died to cause the Republican Party into taking continuing legislative action to protect the economy nor the people in it.

The GOP have proudly proclaimed that the best government action to take is to provide the least amount of government during the pandemic. Laissez-faire public health policy.

In multiple states, the Republican Party has pushed back on the emergency powers of its Governor and stripped him or her of any and every actionable item they can take. They have captured the emergency response into the legislative arm of government and then done nothing.

The number of deaths in the country and here in Wisconsin have not been sufficiently high enough to warrant government action.

And yet, the state legislature fails to meet due to concerns about the virus. The old white men in Wisconsin State Legislature have protected themselves with legislative social distancing and let the devil take everyone else.

This pandemic is not personal enough to act upon. No bodies in the street. Only old people are dying and a few other tragic deaths that hardly move the needle of empathy.

This is an impersonal pandemic. Few of your loved ones have died. Maybe a few of your shirttail relatives (that your parents once knew) have passed on but your personal misery and grief hardly registers on the scale of life’s events.

Of course, we are only into the first anniversary for the The Age of COVID. A vaccine will be available soon. Perhaps this vaccine will truncate the duration of the pandemic.

We can only hope.