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President Trump undercutting Social Security and Medicare is perhaps the new low point for pandemic politics. Over the weekend Trump announced executive actions that range from inadequate to unethical to unconstitutional. He did not cut payroll taxes, he delayed them. So Americans will either have to pay more later, or – if they’re later waived by Congress entirely – it means that money is forever lost to Social Security and Medicare. And Trump did not “add” a $400 weekly unemployment benefit; he added a requirement that states must first put up 25% or there is no boost. States don’t have the billions of dollars necessary; they are already facing substantial coronavirus costs that will impact police, fire, education, and public health services.

Sen. Ron Johnson is doing Russia’s bidding, again. This morning the chair of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee put out an 11-page attempt to defend the reasons for today’s subpoena related to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Is his committee investigating Russia, as Robert Mueller did? No. He and other Republicans are trying to reveal which good Americans sounded the alarm on communication between Russian agents and the 2016 Trump campaign. Johnson is doing exactly what Trump did that got him impeached —using government power to smear a fellow American for partisan political reasons. 

Author: Reasonable Citizen

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