The Second Roman Empire is Dying

As the President tweets, the Second Roman Empire is dying. News at 11.

How bad is it? Health and Human Services is setting up a separate Pandemic Tracking System to control the data being given to the public about COVID-19.

Unable to force their will upon the independent-acting CDC and its international relationships, the Trump Administration seeks to cut the CDC out of everything. First he cut the ties to WHO and now he seeks to control the data related to COVID-19. Ineptly.

He repeatedly said it was hoax. Now he wants to control the distribution of information about the spread of the disease. This is a tinpot dictator move and we should be afraid. Very afraid.

The Russians have penetrated the US political system and thrown it into chaos. Is Putin getting even for the break-up of the Soviet system induced by President Reagan? Perhaps like the book 1984 sort of prophesied, Russia and Asia have combined to take down the US?

Author: UnReasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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