Do Blacks Need More Help to Succeed at Life?

So this morning I’m watching TV and I see a black woman lamenting that black financial consultants at Morgan Stanley were not given enough help and mentoring to succeed in the firm.

Isn’t that amazing? College-educated. Hired into a traditionally white male occupation. In a formerly white male company. But it is not enough.

Black financial consultants need more help in order to be successful.

Really? Are we going to have the argument that equal opportunity is not enough and that, for some unknown reason, blacks must have more help to enjoy equal outcomes?

Sheesh. In competition there are winners and losers. Perhaps she lost because people gave up on her. Perhaps her skill set is not good enough to be top tier. Even white people competing with white people lose. Join the club of hundreds of thousands of white people who fail to make top tier. It happens every day.

Now I see NetFlix is shifting $100 million to black-owned banks to support black communities.

And billionaire Robert Smith proposes all big companies donate 2% of their annual profits to black-owned businesses. “Dear Mr. Smith, perhaps black-owned businesses should make money the old-fashioned way….”

Native Americans in the US must be pissed at the largesse that is handed out to blacks in America. I’m wondering if they should protest and seek equal outcomes for Native Americans in the same manner as Black Americans have received. Native Americans were kicked off their lands and subjugated for more years than black Americans. But who is getting all the attention?

Is this madness ever going to end?

A View of Systemic Racism From Within

A woman read my posts on Systemic Racism and watched the video a reader recommended. ( She was moved to share her thoughts about systemic racism in the United States. She is white and she is married to a black man for more than 40 years. I asked if I could post her opinion on my blog. She agreed provided I keep her anonymous.

Here is what she wrote to me:

“I watched the video several times.

“It’s not privilege to grow up with married parents — it should be considered the status quo. Children who have this (and the family and economic stability most likely to flow from it) aren’t “privileged”! That is twisted thinking that isn’t going to solve any problems. Nor is the answer to make people who had a good upbringing feel guilty for that.

“Rather, children who do NOT grow up this way are “disadvantaged.” Let’s call them what they are, in the interest of improving things.

“The facilitator pointed out that the life situations he called out were not things the young people had any control over in their life. I agree with that for the most part (taking issue with the “never had to worry about your cellphone being shut off,” because there are several possible causes for that, personal irresponsibility being a big one).

“So the students’ starting positions for the race (whether good or bad) were not due to any actions or decisions they had made in life. However — those positions WERE, 100%, set by the actions and life decisions of these students’ parents. And, further, whatever starting point these young people’s own children will take in life, will be 100% determined by THEM — THEIR actions, THEIR life decisions. This cannot be hammered home enough in a discussion of how to end serial generational disadvantage.

“Whatever life advantages the black youth in the video were missing, they were not missing because white people took them away! Why is America, and the media, bent on making a false racial narrative out of a socioeconomic discrepancy? No one is racially “oppressing” black youth in 2020, except their own parents!

“Why are comparatively more black children growing up disadvantaged? There is a simple answer to that, but it’s not “systemic racism,” and it’s not “oppression by white people.” It’s something blacks themselves have complete control over. They can choose to ignore it, to speak out against it, to change it for the better, or to shrug and let it continue on — disadvantaged generation after disadvantaged generation.

“Look no farther than the lack of strong black families, and especially the black out-of-wedlock birthrate. Since the civil rights era of the 1960s, it has risen steadily, from 25% then, to a staggering present-day 70% or more, greatly impeding blacks’ progress. More than two out of three black children in the U.S. — substantially more than any other race — begin life in a family situation that we know to be less-than-optimal.

“From birth, their disadvantages quickly multiply, as children born out of wedlock are more at risk for every bad thing that can happen to children:

▪︎More likely to have developmental delays, particularly with language

▪︎More likely to go hungry

▪︎More likely to become homeless

▪︎More likely to do poorly in school

▪︎More likely to move frequently, as their mother drifts in and out of relationships with various men.

▪︎More likely to be abused by their overwhelmed mother or by her boyfriends.

▪︎More likely to abuse drugs

▪︎More likely to drop out of school (Black males, in particular, have an abysmal 59 percent high school graduation rate.)

▪︎More likely to commit crimes

▪︎More likely to grow up in neighborhoods with few positive role models, and many negative ones; and

▪︎More likely to become pregnant or to impregnate, out of wedlock themselves, thus passing along the disadvantage to the next generation.

“Systemic racism? No. Systemic irresponsible reproduction. Systemic irresponsible parenthood.

“No social programs, no amount of government aid, can substitute for growing up in a stable home situation with responsible parents. White people CANNOT solve the black race’s problem here.

“Let’s try a couple of generations of black young people staying in school and out of crime, delaying parenthood until they have completed at least a high school education and are employed and financially stable and have found a loving spouse to commit to a lifetime of raising children with. Let the NAACP, the Urban League, Black Lives Matter, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al. advocate for these positive life choices for black youth, and devote some of their considerable resources and credibility to advancing them.

“After two generations, I submit that the term “systemic racism” would remarkably vanish from the American vocabulary.

“Anyone who thinks this is expecting too much of young blacks — that they aren’t capable of meeting the above standards — might need to look in a mirror to find the racist.”


Primary Chaos

Kentucky. Mitch McConnell’s state. A test for creating election chaos.

Any excuse will do. COVID works exceptionally well.

Having reduced the number of polling places from 3,700 to only 170 and using COVID as an excuse, can Mitch McConnell win in a ginned-up Republican primary? That is the question.

What if the November election is chaos and the President claims the election results can’t be valid , will the Electoral College still meet? Could the President sue the Federal Election Commission and have a do-over election?

Probably not. The Constitution was written to have the House vote for the President and the Senate vote for the Vice President when the Electoral College vote fails to attain 270 votes for a President.

In all cases though, this President puts his thumb on the scale and distorts the truth of the weigh.

Who can the President fire and substitute a lackey to do his bidding?

Good question.

And now that the Attorney General is a new hired gun, will he obey the law or twist it to the President’s ends?

Another good question.

Can we have a do-over?

I knew Abraham Lincoln was wrong way back then. Now that we’re getting rid of portraits in Congress and monuments and flags and anything that reminds today’s Americans of their past, well, then maybe we should kick out those Confederate states from the United States of America. They are an embarrassment. Maybe Lincoln should have let them secede.
…and btw, how many of you know that the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the South?
“President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, as the nation approached its third year of bloody civil war. The proclamation declared “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”
Despite this expansive wording, the Emancipation Proclamation was limited in many ways. It applied only to states that had seceded from the United States, leaving slavery untouched in the loyal border states. It also expressly exempted parts of the Confederacy (the Southern secessionist states) that had already come under Northern control. Most important, the freedom it promised depended upon Union (United States) military victory.”

But really, when you think about it, maybe Lincoln got it wrong.

Let’s get Congress to kick out the former Confederate states for their part in slavery! Yeah! That’ll make everyone happy! WooHoo! It’s the only way to purge this nation of the stain of slavery!

Then let’s get rid of Lincoln monuments, too. He’s the idiot whose actions, in 1863 America, perpetuated the stigma of Southern slavery in the United States of America. He should have let them secede.

(Please note the sarcasm in my tone)

(Except for Mississippi…We should keep all the other Confederate states except Mississippi.)

(And maybe Alabama. Maybe we should get rid of Alabama. Football season is coming soon.)

Make my day, Mr. President

Please do, Mr. President. Please send federal troops into Seattle with congressional Republican support. Our state governments need a reminder that the Federal government has too much power and should be trimmed back.

You state governors and state citizens could use a lesson that your federal representatives are too independent of your state’s authority.

Defund the Police?

Seriously, WTF does that have to do with police brutality?

What kind of hair-brained misdirection is that?

Does anyone think the police are too brutal with domestic violence issues?

So the idiots, who speak before thinking, believe that police are doing too much and, well, they beat people because of their effin’ stress? Give me a break.

The solution to police brutality is three-fold:

  1. Employ a two-strike rule for inappropriate use of force. If a policeman is found using inappropriate force in the arrest and detention of suspects, he is fired for the second offense. I’m not talking excessive force, I’m talking INAPPROPRIATE force. You don’t effin’ handcuff nine year olds. You don’t beat a suspect to give him a fair trial. You subdue people who threaten. You stop violence with violence… but it better be appropriate. A tw0-strike rule that re-sets every five years makes the most sense to me. Everybody has a bad day. Police should have less of them and be accountable when they don’t.
  2. Employ three types of arrest instead of one type: the self-recognizance arrest, the firm arrest, and the hard arrest. Each will have a set of conditions that make it applicable to the violation. Train the public and the police force in the appropriate use of each.
  3. Get rid of the Darth Vader-looking police uniforms and bring back the look of professional law enforcement.
  4. Create a tiered approach to carrying weapons. Not all police officers should carry guns and no police officer under the age of 25 should ever carry a gun. There should be a review of stress situation events faced by the officer before he/she is allowed a gun permit for his/her attained level of police work.

Is that so hard to do?

Yeah, with unions, yeah. But do it any way. The life you save may be your own.

How to re-start the American Economy

Everybody has ideas. Here’s mine.

Step 1: Pass legislation that temporarily allows 62-69 year-old people to retire with maximum Social Security payments. Put a one-year take-it-or-leave-it program expiration. It is conditional that retirees cannot work at another job for 12 months. If they violate this condition, their benefits revert to standard early retirement levels. This will add jobs to the economy and significantly create promotions in every industry. It moves full-time producers to full-time consumers of goods and services.

Step 2: Pass legislation that suspends FICA taxes for businesses whose net employee gain in 2021 is 5% or more for a period of 12 months. This will motivate businesses to hire FTEs rather than outsource work, automate their work, or shrink their workforce.

Step 3: Create a two-year Blue Collar training fund that pays adult men and women to achieve training certificates in the trades: electrical, mechanical, utilities, logistics, manufacturing, and computer-related. Pay 50% of the tuition up front upon registration/acceptance and the other 50% upon successful completion. This ensures there are skilled tradesmen available to take those vacant jobs. There could be an additional business bonus for those who hire and train employees for trade work.

If your country is going into debt, you might as well make a better economy than the one you had before.

Life Through Black-Colored Glasses

It has become an industry to look at life through black-colored glasses.

The raw materials are black-vs-white incidents, black-vs-white disparities, black-vs-white voting blocks, black-vs-white law enforcement, and black-vs-white outcomes.

The products of this industry are race divisiveness, white-race guilt, and black-race victimization.

The profits are banked by industry manufacturers. Their accounts grow every year: more money, more political power, more adherents to their cause, and more stature as a legitimate cause, competing with other reasonable causes.

In the history of the world, no nation has ever expended so much money, so much time, passed so many laws and spent so much effort to improve the lives of a single race of people as has the United States of America. God Bless America and the people’s thirst for justice that has produced such an effort. America should be admired. Native Americans, Native Alaskans, and Native Hawaiians never received this level of political and economic support from the US government as much as the black race in America.

It’s an industry that keeps America looking through black-colored glasses and they will tell you there is more to be done.

The NAACP has spent 100 plus years advancing the cause of the black race in America. They have achieved incredible results.

The passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 linked the Democrat Party to liberalism and the causes opposing discrimination for the past 50 years.

Which leads to the question: “If, after all this time, effort, and expense, why hasn’t the hue and cry about racism been destroyed in America?” Indeed, the political, economic, and educational systems that embraced and fostered racism have been destroyed.

The answer is likely because the black-colored-glasses industry finds new racial products to manufacture and promote. And like many other kinds of products in the market place, it is the same product with new advertising and a new “look”.

I don’t foresee the industry going away any time soon. There is a new generation of Americans to be bound to its cause through the promotion of what is called “disparities”. It is not enough to have equal opportunity; there must now be equal outcomes between blacks and whites.

At some point in time, the industry that spawns divisiveness, white-race guilt, and black-race victimization will run out of buyers for its products. Like buggy whips, 8-track cartridges, pay telephones, and shag carpeting, this industry will fall by the wayside.

I hope that time comes soon. I’m sick of it now.