The Acid Media

It’s patina tempered to a lustrous glow by the President of the United States, Acid Media has become mainstream. First it was media gossip, then it was bullying, then it was propaganda, and now it has become Acid Media.

Throw metaphorical Acid in the face of anyone and get away with it.

President Trump certainly brought the swamp to the White House with his Acid Tweets. It is now common place to throw acid at anyone without fear of retribution.

And yet when the President throws his Acid and then is called out for it, President Trump uses the power of the Presidency to punish.

This IS the demagogue we feared would one day be in the White House.

HE has arrived and his taint will stink for a decade.

Along with him, are those who spend their days spraying acid on the innocent as they take aim at the face of their victim.

Acid Media.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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