The White House Plan to Re-Open

You can find it here.

Summary: Don’t re-open until your number of reported symptoms decreases for two weeks in a row. Don’t re-open until number of new confirmed infections decreases for two weeks in a row. Don’t re-open until hospital treatments can accommodate your current infection rate and you can test healthcare workers for anti-bodies.

This is a disaster waiting to happen.

As I mentioned other times, when you’re only plan for controlling the virus is isolation then removing that isolation will re-ignite the spread of the disease. Except now you have tens of thousands of carriers of the disease and what once took months to spread will now spread in weeks. Two weeks to be exact. That’s how long it takes between infection and hospitalization in most cases.

Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do.

The WH gives a long list of academic things-to-do but there is no practical approach to doing them. It reads like a list of goals. It is not a plan. You planners know what I’m talking about.


Protect the health and safety of workers in critical industries

Protect the health and safety of those living and working in high-risk facilities (e.g., senior care facilities)

Protect employees and users of mass transit

Advise citizens regarding protocols for social distancing and face coverings

Empty words. A sixth-grader can come up with a plan like that. More of the same, rinse, repeat.

And one item that irritates me is they use the wrong word throughout the document.

Sanitation is the hygienic disposal of waste. No one is talking about waste.

Sanitization is disinfection and sterilizing. This is what we are talking about.  Sheesh.

Well, I am underwhelmed by the talent and capabilities of those who serve the WH.








Author: Reasonable Citizen

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4 thoughts on “The White House Plan to Re-Open”

  1. I think you missed the point. The section on “plans” is under “Core State Responsibilities”. That is, the states are responsible for producing plans to “Protect the health and safety of workers in critical industries”, etc.

    This website does not claim to be a plan. It’s guidelines. It says so. It’s basically a “here’s the things you should think about and recommended entrance criteria for phases in which your plans might change.”

    It is a common role for the federal government to provide guidance to states rather than dictating plans to them—something a states’ rights advocate like yourself should appreciate! 😉

    1. Touche. But did you see the name of the document?
      Would your company accept a deliverable from you that said here is what every one else is supposed to do? And by the way, we are going to keep doing what we always did and they can figure it out themselves?
      I suppose there are unnamed terrors that could be spread across the US by upright vermin, would this kind of plan from the WH and daily briefings be sufficient? A little more attention to PPE and a bit more depth in planning might be in order.

      1. The philosophy here mirrors other preparedness and response guidance. These are state responsibilities. The fed provides guidance and funding assistance. It’s how it works.

        1. Hmmm, what does FEMA do with natural disasters? Send a natural disaster recovery plan and nothing else? I seem to remember there is a large FEMA logistical component to mitigate natural disasters. Supplies, shelter, coordination, protection. Am I remembering this incorrectly? I think I know someone who flies to natural disasters and coordinates state and federal responses after hurricanes and earthquakes.

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