When should you fear the power of the President?

This is a good question and might even be an urgent one to answer.

A friend sent me the following link.


Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have been pushing the boundaries of how much power to grant POTUS. I’ve written before how the Supreme Court never fails to accede to POTUS perspective and always fails to rein him in. I’ve also written before about the Unitary Executive Theory that once elected, the President can do whatever he wants.

Now imagine a President unfettered by the rule of law and unphased by decorum. President Trump was given a get-out-of-jail-free card by Mitch McConnell three months ago, and the President is using it to control his political future, reduce Congressional oversight, and subvert the Constitution of the United States.

Is it time to fear the power of the President?

Let’s imagine for a moment that this virus began in September of an election year like this one. Would and could a President suspend a national election under the threat of public infection? This President would order it if it served his purpose to get re-elected.

Would the States go along with it, or would they hold the election anyway? I propose to you that the Republican governors under control of the Republican Party would defer their elections. The Democrat State Governors would hold their elections. The President would challenge the results, and this would end up in the hands of the Supreme Court, who would support the President.

Let me know when you would fear the power of the President in the comments.


Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping, www.reasonablecitizen.com

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