The President Finds A Scapegoat

(sarcasm alert) The President has found a scapegoat. It’s Paul Revere. You know him, he’s  the man in the watch tower who says “The Virus is Coming. The Virus is Coming”. He is now the problem.
The President had a perfect plan (simply beautiful, really) but being the humble man he is, he aborted his perfect plan to follow Paul Revere’s (WHO’s) guidance.
So the President waited and waited and waited and waited until four months after the invasion to say “Hey, Paul Revere, you are the reason we are in such a mess.”

Only President Trump can find an enemy in people who sound the alarm from the Watch Tower. This guy is nuts.

The President has determined that WHO is the problem and must be punished.  The red-haired Hulk of America is now ready to smash WHO into smithereens.

Like every Monday morning quarterback and hackneyed coach across America, the President blames his team’s loss on somebody else, on something he had no control over.

But now the President has an enemy again and he has his evil mojo back.

There is something mentally wrong with this guy.