Medical Supply Constriction

As if there aren’t enough problems, countries around the world are stopping exports of medical supplies IF/WHEN they believe their country needs them more than other countries.

The EU placed a six-week ban on exporting PPE out of the bloc. That ban ends soon.

The US temporarily blocked a few ventilator shipments headed for Barbados and attempted to halt shipments of PPE made by 3M destined for Canada and Mexico. In both cases, the US rescinded its ban on exporting these products. Canada reminded the US that Canada provides most of the raw material for 3M face masks.

And India blocked all shipments of Hydroxychloroquine until President Trump called the Prime Minister on Sunday and complained. India supplies about 40% of the US market.

Perhaps when this is all over, we will see some mfg return to the US. No country can be dependent on another to provide protection in a global crisis. This pandemic is proving this to be true.




Author: Reasonable Citizen

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