3m vs The White House?

So the first thing you need to know is that there is FEMA and there is the Florida Division of Emergency Management. One is Federal and one is State of Florida.

On Thursday night, Jared Moskowitz went on Fox News and whined.

In a segment on Fox News Thursday night, Jared Moskowitz, the director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, said that 3M officials had told him they could not fulfill the state’s order for protective gear until they satisfied contracts for foreign customers.

Jared has been trying to get his hands on PPE and when he sends somebody to the 3M warehouses (and others) he finds they are empty. So he whined.

His whining prompted the White House to overreact and issue an executive order.

On Friday evening, the Trump administration issued an executive order directing federal emergency management and health officials to use the law’s authority to preserve respirators, surgical masks and surgical gloves for domestic use.

Then President Trump trumpeted a false accusation Friday night:

In an accompanying statement, Mr. Trump criticized “wartime profiteers,” which he said included speculators, warehouse operators and some well-established distributors with the ability to “unscrupulously” divert inventory from hospitals and state governments to foreign purchases that are willing to pay a premium.

“Nothing in this order will interfere with the ability of P.P.E. manufacturers to export when doing so is consistent with United States policy and in the national interest of the United States,” the statement added, referring to makers of personal protective equipment.

So why is anyone upset?

“All we get from the C.E.O. on down to the head of their P.R. department is lie upon lie, the latest of which — which is dead wrong — is that we demanded 3M not send production from its U.S. plants to our friends and allies in Canada and Mexico,” Mr. Navarro said.

So apparently, Peter Navarro changed the storyline after Canada became upset the US wasn’t going to send masks to Canada. If we believe Mr. Navarro, the executive order did not mean to secure all masks for US distribution although it clearly says “to use the law’s authority to preserve respirators, surgical masks and surgical gloves for domestic use.”

Instead, maybe the executive order means that all masks intended for the US should remain in the US? If so, why issue an Executive Order at all? In my mind, the companion document occurred after Canada called the President and expressed their dissatisfaction with the executive order.

BUT, perhaps Jared Moskowitz’s tweet to 3M on Saturday was misplaced?

I’m your new Troll. I’m the Director of Emergency Management for the State of Florida @FLSERT. Please send us N95 masks directly to our hospitals, first responders and the state. How many brokers and distributors do we have to negotiate with only to find empty warehouses?

Perhaps someone should tell Mr. Moskowitz that the federal government is taking (cough) his PPE? Note that FEMA is out bidding local hospitals for PPE.  The very outbidding that Moskowitz was complaining about.

Local hospitals and states have accused the federal government of swooping in at the last second to claim deliveries of protective gear for ambulance drivers, fire fighters, police and hospital workers.

Garren Colvin, the head of the board for the Kentucky Hospital Association, wrote to members of Congress on Thursday saying four shipments of protective gear were taken by the Federal Emergency Management Agency before they could be delivered to the local hospitals that had originally contracted for the supplies.

FEMA officials said the agency was using the routine procurement process and was simply outbidding local governments and states on certain procurements.

Perhaps Mr. Moskowitz only needs to visit the Florida FEMA warehouse and he will find a lot of stuff already in Florida.

(But let’s also not forget Jared Kushner’s comment that stockpiles of FEMA material is not meant for the States, it is meant for the Federal government. The buzzard.)

Well, the lack of Federal guidance on all things COVID-19 has now turned into first come, first served.

But hey, don’t worry, the President is going to Make America Great Again soon.


This makes my point…

Over at Huckabee.com, my favorite Christian politician at one time notes this:

One such church is The River at Tampa Bay Church. It required attendees to separate 6-10 feet from others, supplied hand sanitizer at every door for every attendee, spent $100,000 for a hospital quality air-flow system, and had every staff member wearing gloves. This week, Sheriff Chad Chronister of Hillsborough County, FL actually arrested Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne for having conducted church services. Think about that. A pastor was arrested for having a church service. He didn’t sneeze or cough on people. He didn’t deny the virus was real and in fact, took great precautions to maintain social distancing. But he was arrested and taken to jail for opening his church. No one was forced to attend. The attendees arrived on their own and one wonders why those who attended weren’t arrested? This case will set up a colossal legal battle as to whether the government at any level can tell a church, synagogue or mosque it cannot provide religious services to its members.

This illustrates my point that we have to learn how to live with this blasted virus as well as stopping the contagion from spreading.

There is still nothing out there about how to gather together safely. We are going to need that or we are going to fail.



WaPo Does It Best: COVID-19 Timeline

The Washington Post is simply the best at collecting, analyzing, and distributing timelines of history-making events. Read it here.

The attached article outlines in detail the events that marked the US response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a tone of Monday morning quarterbacking, but don’t let that tone divert you from understanding what occurred and when.

In essence, the agencies of the United States government were swift to begin, BUT the President’s appointees slowed the game down enough to thwart US leadership. The President’s appointees were informed and then promptly acted in a mediocre manner to an urgent situation. The result was the Rest of the World was ahead of the US.

You should thank God there are two oceans to protect America. And thank God that China quarantined a city of 11 million people when it did. If not for that quarantine and two oceans, the deaths in the US would have been unbelievable.

Although others try, one can’t really fault China for being slow to respond to the ROW (rest of world). It had 11 million people to address and millions more to prevent infection.

As for the US response, well, we are into the fourth month of an outbreak, and there is no national testing to show us the spread of the disease. There is a lack of protection for healthcare workers and shortages in disinfectant for everyone.

YouTube has more videos about how to protect yourself than the CDC or Health and Human Services.

All of which proves this President, and his political appointees, failed to lead America during the crisis that occurred on President Trump’s watch.

The missteps of a bombastic President and his staff will have severe consequences in New York City these next two weeks. But no sense crying over spilled milk.

We can thank the media for its overblown and reactionary approach to the news. Without it, millions more Americans would be at risk today. It literally PUSHED the government to do its job.

We can thank God that state governors stepped up and took measures the White House failed to recommend.

BUT, give the Devil of Unresponsiveness his due. When the White House finally acted, there were unprecedented measures taken with closing travel from other countries. Of course, it was too little and too late, but it was still unprecedented.

I once read that mediocre people are always at their best. This President and his appointees are always at their best.

Read the article. Learn what you do not know.