Should Congress spy on the Executive Branch?

The IRS lost all of the emails related to Lois Lerner and the Tea Party attack by the IRS. Of course this was no accident. It was directed by someone who wishes to prevent the President from looking bad and to prevent Congress from having any physical evidence of wrongdoing.

Not even President Richard Nixon had the poor judgement to destroy his taped evidence of misdeeds but then President Obama is no President Nixon by any measure.

This leads to my question: Should Congress set up a surveillance process to watch the shenanigans of the President?

1) The Executive Branch has all the authority of a dictator in a third world country.

2) The Executive Branch is increasingly filled with sycophants who refuse to do their duty to care for the Constitution and the country. Instead these sycophants hide the misdeeds and refuse to prosecute offenders. They no longer police themselves. The government is no longer by and for the people but by and for the political parties.

3) If Congress does not do this then who will?

We know that the CIA, NSA, and others surveill Congress but who watches the watchers?

The Executive Branch has too much authority and control without oversight. Maybe it’s time to put in place some covert oversight through Congress.



Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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