Electing Judges and the Supreme Court Ruling

What if elected judges were partisan and not objective? One would have Republican and Democrat judges.

What if the Supreme Court ruled that corporations were people and that they could spend as much money as they wanted on elections provided that they did not exceed the amounts for any one candidate?

What if the issues before the courts were religious-themed items like, for example, abortion, death penalties, gay marriage, gun control, and religious symbols on government property, would churches in America begin to flood the political arena with cash to get Christian or Muslim or Buddhist leaders elected to office?

What if every church made political donations to sway judges their way? Calls to prayer, adultery, divorce and a few other personal choices might become food for newly religious politicians.

What if corporations pitted their resources behind electing pro-business judges in personal injury cases or credit card laws or usury? How would those cases be settled differently?

And finally what would happen if the churches gave so much money that the business interests were secondary to the religious/moral issues in the country?

Hmmmm, and today the Supreme Court ruled that constraints on organizations were unconstitutional.