Is the US on the path to Social Democracy?

The statement I read said “To understand why the United States is on the path to social democracy….”

Social Democracy: a political movement that uses principles of democracy to change a capitalist country to a socialist one. 2. a country that uses both capitalist and socialist practices.

I don’t even know what that means today. The US has had a 20th century history replete with social changes installed by democratic means. Of course we are on the path of social democracy. Who can deny this? Minimum wage laws, worker rights embedded into laws, Medicare, MedicAid, food stamps, and now healthcare through the Affordable Care Act. It seems to me that America is already a social democracy.

Yet there are those who say that America has not gone far enough with socialist programs. You can bet that Income Inequality is the next thing on the Social Democrats agenda in the US. Some type of control over how much money is “shared” between the owners of a company and those who work in it. Is it any wonder that owners want to replace people with machines? Income Inequality goals and objectives will certainly spur that process along.

No one can reasonably argue but many accept that misery is God’s vision of the human condition. Perhaps human misery is a challenge that God has placed for Man to overcome. The social democrats see the goal of government to be a continuous reduction in human misery and continuous increase in opportunities to raise individual happiness. Many Christian Republicans/Conservatives see human misery as God’s Will and as an example that Christian values will help a person rise above his/her personal misery. (It is convenient to have bad examples to point to when discussing the Ten Commandments….Or so my fundamentalist friends point out to me.)

So where are we today? The battle between those who say the system is as God intended it to be (Conservative Christian Republicans) and those who say change the system because it is not working (Liberal Progressive Social Democrats) has now gone global. Around the world people and governments are being presented with choices to establish one or the other. And it is a Communication War between the two sides. Soon you will be asked to take sides.

What do you believe? Do you think that God intended there to be superior and inferior people with social processes that allows the superior to rise as the inferior fall? Is misery ordained by God for many people and whose only allowed hope is to accept their misery in the name of God towards a better afterlife than the current life?

If you do not believe that, do you believe that God intended Mankind to figure out how to care for his fellow man?

Makes one wonder why God was so mad at Cain when he said “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Was Cain exhibiting the qualities of today’s Christian Conservative Republicans? God made the process so who are we to question His wisdom? Is that the question? Cain was clearly misdirecting God’s question because his actions created misery and death for Abel.

America is already a social democracy in process. How can it be otherwise in a Representative Democracy? So far it seems that life has improved for a majority of people under the social programs accepted by the US government. There is no reason to suspect it will change as long as we all agree that the Constitution is the Law of the Land and not ‘just some damn piece of paper.”

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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