Who cares what the Prez says tonight?

Seriously, who the bleep cares?

Since 2001 the State of the Union speech has been cheapened by overblown rhetoric, manipulated facts, demonstrably false statements, partisan hackmanship (if such a word exists), and inferior men as Presidents.

The promise of America in the State of the Union speech has been replaced with statements befitting a beauty pageant. Whirrled Peas…is the answer.

Tonight, we are told, the President will focus on the minimum wage. Imagine the boldness of the idea to raise the wages of people in companies who are paid by the federal government….your tax dollars. The very fact that the President has this power is appalling and the fact that he would use it is embarrassing. And yet, he goes on to cement a name for himself as the worst possible President to ever give a SOTU speech. Or is it the worst possible SOTU speech. Sheesh, if the best you can do is talk about using your own Executive Branch power then you are pathetic. (sarcasm alert) Minimum wage is right up there with the best ideas of the 20th century, isn’t it?

I am not watching it. I don’t want to yell at the TV. I’ll read the highlights because the President is going to lie to us again during the speech. Where is the bold vision of Kennedy, the plans for a Great Society, and, frankly, where is the insight of Bob Seeger who passed away today?

Where have all the Presidents gone?

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping, www.reasonablecitizen.com

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