Silence of the Pols

The silence of the politicians continues into 2014. It has been a couple of months now that the rhetoric between the two political parties has subsided. In fact, the volume is almost as low as Congress’ ratings.

We must be in the re-branding phase. This occurs right before the campaigns for re-election begin. This is the time when we American idiots are supposed to forget the characteristics of the current politicians so our heads can be filled with new stuff and nonsense about the campaign themes du jour.

Will it be social re-engineering topics like gay marriage and women’s rights? Will it be economic blankets to cover the poor and homeless and the unemployed? Or will it be National Defense, the National Deficit, or National Healthcare?

Seems to me that we have exhausted the print media and the news with stories on all of those. Taxes have lost their luster also. Looks like we might have to put together something like a “Congressional Modernization Act” in order to change the operating rules in Congress. Then both parties will have plenty of fodder until after the campaign. But like all “Modernization Acts” enacted to date, it will be fraught with problems of power and over reach when it is passed.

Perhaps Congressional races can stir up a fight over Executive Privilege. One side seeking to give more power to the Executive Branch for liberal ideas and the other party seeking to give more power over conservative ideas. Then both parties can claim victory over the results when the President simply closes Congress for malfeasance reasons and takes over writing all laws.

Sigh, my cynicism is getting the better of me. Perhaps the fight will be over Privacy Rights and a bunch of stuff will get dumped into it that gives government more intrusive power, removes responsibilities and liabilities of communication and information companies while pretending to add them, and limits freedom of the press and freedom to travel.

I know that last year has left me underwhelmed with congressional hope, overwhelmed with governmental intrusion, and simply whelmed with the political balls of some people. I promise to do better…Wish me luck…


Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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