Gaffney vs Buchanan: Iran and Obama

I find it fascinating that The Washington Weekly December 2nd edition had a commentary by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr about the Obamabomb and President Obama’s efforts to strike a deal with Iran regarding its nuclear weapons program. Mr. Gaffney is anxious to destroy any agreement with Iran.

Mr. Gaffney’s commentary is essentially a rebuttal to Patrick J. Buchanan’s November 18th comments (in the very same paper) that supports President Obama’s efforts to seal the deal. Mr. Buchanan once again points out how Israeli intransigence is undermining the need to strike a deal with Iran or else we all go to war with Iran.

It is easy to see that Mr. Gaffney is a supporter of the Israeli position and Mr. Buchanan is opposed to it. Mr. Gaffney describes President Obama’s policy as: “Embolden our enemies. Undermine our friends. Diminish our country.”

Of the two, I trust Pat Buchanan’s analysis more than Gaffney’s. Pat Buchanan always takes the position of what is good for America in the world. I cannot say the same for Mr. Gaffney who prefers to take the position of what is good for Israel is good for the world.

I know that the Iranian’s Friday night chanting of Death to America is the brainwashing of a nation. I agree that Iran is an enemy of the United States and has been for more than 30 years. Yet, if we fail to engage Iran on what is important to them and to us and to Israel then we are setting ourselves up for a new Pearl Harbor attack. Japan did not attack the US in the Pacific until the US took the position that it would cut off oil to Japan. This was an unacceptable action to the Japanese government. We face the same situation with Iran if we fail to negotiate a solution and instead take a warlike position.

I imagine that Israel prefers the role of irrational actor on the world stage. This may be the best strategy for them. But Mr. Buchanan’s view is more US-centric than Mr. Gaffney’s and I prefer Buchanan’s view. America first.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

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