Death by China, assuredly so

Was it by Chinese design or by American greed that China is destroying America from within?

I watched the documentary Death by China and was struck by its message. I remember the news media reporting about Bill Clinton’s Chinese donations to his presidential campaign fund. Plus, I recall some of the obligatory political photo ops of Chinese delegations shaking hands with Americans.

If this was some Nixonian plan that engaging China in commercial trade would cause them to be less communistic , it has not worked. If this was some corporate plan to access Chinese markets with products made in America, it has not worked. If this was some Conservative notion that access to China might make them more Christian, it has not worked. And it it was some liberal notion that industrializing China might make them less oppressive, it has not worked. And if it was Bill Clinton’s idea that no harm would come from selling America out in this small way, he was wrong.

Instead it has destroyed manufacturing in the US. There is a symbiotic relationship when mfr-ing companies are in proximity to each other and we have lost that. Imagine a campfire. It burns brightest when the wood is close together; when the wood is spread out, the heat escapes and the fire gets colder. That’s what is happening in the US right now.

When Walmart began to buy Chinese, our mfg capability began to fade. The two are linked in time if not by cause and effect.

I think the industrial decay of America can be blamed on Republican Free Trade, Clinton presidential ambitions, and corporate greed working and acting opportunistically if not in concert.

So what do you and I do?

We buy locally whenever we can. If  a product or a retailer is unique to your community then support them by buying locally. Independent hardware stores, fruit stands, cheese makers, and anybody who sells anything locally. It is better for your money to be spent upon each other locally rather than be extracted to someplace else. It makes others stronger and you weaker.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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