The Debt Bomb, Martial Law, and the Fall of Democracy

Update: The President signed the bill to keep the government running into January and February. Look for a repeat experience in 2014. I might repeat this post at the same time.

These three things appear to be linked now.

I have recently come to believe that the Debt Bomb is America’s newest weapon for world domination. It is the opposite of the neutron bomb. The neutron bomb killed people and left all the infrastructure intact but the Debt Bomb kills the infrastructure and leaves the people intact. And when there are people and no infrastructure then there is chaos in the streets. I am not the first to write about Debtonation

I believe the US will default on its obligations and cause a financial panic around the world as it chooses which creditors it will and will not pay. You can believe that it will not pay those who compete with us or move against us. It will always pay its citizens something but it will greatly reduce that amount through emergency legislation or emergency power grabbing by a clueless President. The default will last long enough to send a serious message to those who depend upon US trade and industry.

The Central Banks of Western Democracy appear to be colluding to defeat their banking rivals. Those rivals are Persian, Asian, and Communist Petrodollar systems that fund countries opposed to Euro-American domination. The Debt Bomb scenario seems to bring the world to its knees by wrecking the infrastructure of a global trading system and re-establishing a World Order with fewer players.

With that World Order will come chaos in cities around the world. Cities survive based upon the transport of goods into them like food, shelter, and medicine. When these are trucked, flown, and shipped into the cities and that transportation becomes volatile, then chaos results and refugees result and business, industry, and economies fail. And when those fail, society fails.

When society fails, martial law takes its place. The US has been putting in place the infrastructure to support federal martial law for two decades now and has stepped up its pace the last three years so much that ordinary people are remarking about it. Alex Jones and his PrisonPlanet TV have captured some people’s attention. The shredding of the US Constitution, the establishment of combat battalions in the US, the coordinated “drills” between police and military that have taken place over the past seven years, the acknowledgement of FEMA camps for housing large numbers of citizens, the billion bullet purchase by government agencies who have no police or military standing, and the establishment of a universal government surveillance system all points to the eventual establishment of Federal martial law in the United States.

With martial law in the US will come the end of Democracy as we know it. The Senate and the House have given huge powers to the Executive Branch to create rules that govern our daily lives. The only defensive weapon that the Congress has is the power to de-fund the Executive branch of the government. And that weapon is meaningless when Congress has no money in the Treasury and cannot issue bonds anymore. Congress has shown itself to be incompetent and soon it will show itself to be corrupt. When that happens, the Treasury Department will serve the President instead of legislation, the military will support the Treasury, and the President will sequester the Supreme Court until military control has been asserted over Washington , DC. The President will assert huge emergency powers to run the country up until the day the Pentagon tires of him. The purge of generals that has been taking place the last few years is to break the fraternity that would keep the Executive Branch, Congress and the Supreme Court viable. A call for a new Constitution will change our democracy forever.

The Republican and Democrat parties will be neutered and absorbed into some new political party. Because blame will fall on the two-party democracy system, a single political party will emerge under a new Constitution. The US military-industrial complex will be at the center of world economic domination.

This is the future of the US. A near term future if there are no changes in the pace of implementation. A long term future if you and I resist these changes through our democratic process. Vote independently and make your voice heard.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping,

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