Whose Congress is it anyway ?

There is a comedy show that gets its humor from impromptu skits. It is called Whose Line Is it Anyway?The opening remarks are: ….where the lines are made up and the points don’t matter….

Our Congress is now a version of that comedy show because this morning Tom Coburn came out and made up a line by saying that the Debt Limit does not matter ( ergo, deficits do not matter)

After all the years of raising the debt limit and al the drama from both parties about it, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma told the national TV audience that the Debt Limit and deficits do not matter.

(ROFL…..What a joke that Debt Limit was, on the people and the stock markets of the world, the last time it almost tanked. Ha ha. LOL.)

Sheesh, we sure have a government of lesser men, don’t we?

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping, www.reasonablecitizen.com

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