Why I hated Elysium… the movie

I went to see Elysium expecting a good science fiction movie in which technology has changed the world we know and Matt Damon is going to set it right. That is not what I saw.

Stop now if you plan to see the movie but if you aren’t, then read below the fold why I hated this movie propaganda…

Ok, let’s begin with an understanding of what science fiction really is. It is the effect that technology brings to the lives of people, society, and/or culture. This movie has technology but that is not the movie’s theme. The movie’s theme is that rich people have abandoned Earth because technology has ruined it. And now rich people live on Ringworld while the rest of human kind lives some zombie life producing goods for rich people. It is the Haves and the oppressed Have Nots. It is the most one-dimensional movie I have seen since…Oh, I don’t know.

In this movie, almost everyone is Hispanic except for Matt Damon and the white people in Elysium. Of course, they threw in an Indian president in Elysium named Patel. How pathetic is that? Oh, I almost forgot that the really evil guy is a white-skinned redneck that looks like Charles Manson and talks like a Georgia cracker with a foreign accent.

Matt Damon gets surgery performed by some weed-smoking barrio Hispanics that look like drug running tattoo artists. His childhood friend is Hispanic. Everyone on the streets is Hispanic. Nobody on earth knows what bathing is and they all wear some shade of dirt-colored clothing. Sheesh, do you get the point that they are dirt poor? And Matt Damon lives in a decrepit building that appears to have been abandoned for decades near a garbage dump. (If everyone on earth is poor how can there be a garbage dump?)

Those weed smoking barrio Hispanics are ‘associates’ of another barrio coyote  who has harnessed technology to run illegals across the (atmospheric) border up to Elysium. Coyotes, who for a fee, run illegals to the promise of a better life up there.

Robots serve the rich and only the rich. Must have embedded tattoo to be identified as a citizen and then one can have the good life in Elysium. Not a single black person in Elysium. Jodie Foster plays the evil martial law neocon who wants to overthrow the Indian President and establish protection for the rich people’s way of life. She blows up shuttles that are carrying illegals to Elysium to show how bad she is.

Got the idea, yet?

This is the single largest piece of socialistic propaganda I have seen since Avatar (in which evil miners salivate at the thought of ravaging an entire planet for its riches).

I presume this movie was made for global distribution in Hispanic countries where the meme can take hold that rich people are oppressing you and keeping you from what you need.

I like movies with a moral but this is more than a moral, it is a political and sociological meme that you are oppressed by the ‘system’.

There was only one good thing about this movie: Jodie Foster. I was happy to see her again on the screen. I regret that she came back in this movie but I hope she has more roles in the future.

The camera work for fight scenes sucked. The blurred action shots made it difficult to watch, too.

Don’t waste your money buying the DVD and don’t waste your time watching the movie.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping, www.reasonablecitizen.com

11 thoughts on “Why I hated Elysium… the movie”

  1. Wow…tell us how you really feel.

    Have you seen “In Time” ? With Justin Timberlake, where time is the currency. For everything? Very similar meme. What about animal farm?- the book. Do you think we are eventually headed somewhere, if not there already? To somedegree?

    Unless you saw something else than commercials, I didn’t get the same feeling about what your movie was going to be about. To me., the commercials don’t t tell you the plot at all.

    Thanks for the heads up though. I plan on seeing the movie anyway.

    1. Yes, saw the movie. Science Fiction, for certain.
      Animal Farm does not have technology in it.
      I hope you like the movie but I have seen too many of these “everybody wears dirt clothing after some Apocalypse and eats gruel” kind of movies. The idea is that one person can make a difference in their lifetime that shapes the future for everyone. This is unrealistic. One ping pong ball cannot add to chaos or create order unless a lot of people participate to make it happen. Yet a thousand literate ping pong balls can do both.

  2. Dale, I completely agree with your analogy of this movie.

    As a Sci-Fi enthusiast, I expected much more sophisticated plot in which technology would be the focus of the film (ala Matrix, Terminator, Minority Report, Blade Runner, etc.). Overall, the political agenda (Albeit, timely) was a major disadvantage in this film.

    First, quality Sci-Fi films are focused on the general idea of man vs. machine and presents the triumph of man as a society over ‘Technology’. When watching a Sci-Fi film, you feel a sense of camaraderie for the human characters in their strife to achieve that triumph.

    Clandestine Flaw #1. This film positioned man against man in a very exclusionary future (Devoid of Asians, Black Americans, Jews, Indians, Italians, South Americans, Spanish (Non-Hispanic/Mexican), et al, and other ethnic groups – too many to mention). Films should stay well clear of color generalities of black & white (Which are merely skin tone, not representative of one’s actual ethnicity).

    Second, people watch films in general, as a means to escape their own strife filled existence of wasteful excess, hatred, bigotry, political and social injustice, job & relationship stress, overall melancholy, and every type of ‘-ism’ that exists. Elysium reminded viewers of all of the real world issues that exist (Really, you don’t need to pay to be reminded of such, just turn on the news and you will see all forms of strife and unrest). Films should stay well clear of political issues (In this case, immigration), as there are many points of view – too many to be generalized. Clandestine Flaw #2.

    I often remind people that each time you view a film (No matter the genre), just remember that most films are based on a written work from the viewpoint of the writer (Originating written work is always much better than a film could ever hope to be). However the studio budget dictates what stays in the screenplay. Often, much the story is re-written, rehashed, important details are omitted, story-lines are taken out of context, exaggerated, inflamed and sensationalized for effect – also, often at the expense of the film’s ability to be believable and coherent.

    Bottom Line: Elysium does not have near the panache, nor near the intelligence, of Richard Fleischer’s 1973 classic, Soylent Green.

  3. Hi, I found your site by googling ‘I hated Elysium.’ I rented this movie last night and I’m left with a sense of disgust. In the beginning, it states the earth has been destroyed by pollution and overpopulation and the wealthy have fled the planet. But there are no white people left on earth except Damon, and no other races on Elysium except white (except for token Patel who gets crushed by Jodie Foster). Huh? Did all white people somehow come up with the money to flee? Hardly, there are millions of whites struggling to survive like everybody else. I’m one of them. Are there wealthy sectors of other races? OF COURSE. There are sheiks and royalty and rich classes in every society. Do they think Beyonce and Co. would be left behind? I can barely stand Hollywood anymore–all white people are evil, all other races are oppressed by whites, no terrorists ever Islamic (have you seen the ridiculous Olympus has Fallen?).

    And if one of the reasons the earth was devastated is because of overpopulation, it ain’t the white folks. And BTW, I live on the US/Mexico border, not some fancy resort town where liberals would have you believe all whites live. I clean houses for the cheapest people in the US, spend hours picking up garbage on my street, and rescue animals in an area where they don’t matter. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, I hate politics. Thanks for letting me vent.

  4. Just watched this and have to conclude that the whole theme is very blatant in it’s depiction of white people being evil oppressors and coloured people being dirt poor and unable to look after themselves.

    Damon is the token white guy among a sea of non-whites who are all oppressed and live in extreme poverty. Tahir is the token ‘asian’ guy who is the president of a rich outer space colony filled with white people. Tahir is seen to be defending the lives of the poor who try to illegally emigrate to the colony for a better life while Foster (the evil white woman) wants to kill them all.

    This is Marxism at it’s worst, not only is Marxism flawed, the Marxism in this film is flawed too as it is not just racist towards white people, it’s also racist towards all people of colour, making them out to be vagabonds who cannot achieve anything other than criminal activities and are incapable of look after themselves without the help of white people.

    I believe this film incites racial hatred as there is no warmth to it’s conclusion. Pretty sick the stuff that comes out of Hollywood.

  5. The film was supposed to take place in Los Angeles, which last time I checked had a very large minority population. Moreover, considering current trends that show and predict in the future significant increase in the “minority”, particularly Latino, population of California, its not sooooooooo far fetched to believe that in 2154 the lower class that remains on Earth in California is predominantly made up of Hispanics and African-Americans. Had the film taken place in Eastern Europe or Asia, I’m sure there would have been plenty of poor whites present on Earth.

    With that said, I do find it strange that there are apparently ONLY whites on Elysium itself. One would think that unless there was some sort of deliberate racial profiling or discrimination, there would have been plenty of minority citizens on Elysium from places all over the world. The Middle East would have produced many wealthy Arabs and Jews, and the Americas certainly contain billionaires of all races.

    It is just a movie tho, a sci fi movie at that, but it definitely has a message about the haves and have nots.

  6. Hollywood movies are so confusing. Why is it that presumably rich directors in Hollywood are hate their own socioeconomic class so much? Why does every movie try and vilify rich people and white people as well when the people making them are probably rich and white? Its seems to me that privilege does not make you an arrogant asshole as the people who are privileged would have you believe but rather makes you guilty as hell and makes you almost idolize the people who are less privileged than you are. Just look at how many Americans think that third worlders are living a super honest and good natured life essentially even though its the third world nations where all the wars and crime is.

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